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I've been working

Slowly but surely

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I've been stitching on this skirt slowly.  I pick it up when I have a few minutes - in the carpool line and other times while I am waiting for the girls.  It lives in this bag, with the Alabama Stitch book, thread, scissors and a pin cushion.  It's a project that has a nice pace to it.  Easy to pick up, and equally important, easy to put down.  I'm a little more than half finished with the reverse applique so, fingers crossed, I will be wearing it some time this fall.

And not as slowly, but definitely as surely, I am making camera straps and some other goods to sell in the shop.  As of right now, I plan on re-opening the shop on Thursday, September 3.  I haven't set a time yet, but as soon as I do, I will let you know here.  Sound good?



Sounds good to me! Love the skirt. I'll bet it's going to really pretty being worn.

Tara Thayer

oh, "some other goods"...can't wait to see what those are!


This skirt caught my attention in the book too - it's beautiful. Can't wait to see the finished piece!


You are doing a fantastic job on the skirt! Hand sewing is so meditative.


Can't wait to see the finished skirt - I'm from Alabama and I didn't know about this book - way cool - cannot wait to check it out!


Amy Hodge

The skirt is looking fabulous!!

Karen at sew and sow life

Yummy color choices! Hand work is so portable, and quieting, no?


Cant wiat to see the finished project and the reopening of your shop. :)

Sarah Jackson

that looks like a great travel project. I love it.


ooo! i hope there will still be a camera strap for me once i get back in from school (11:30 PST, in case you are wondering...ha ha!).


Wow, that is one way of combining two plain and simple fabrics and turning them into something extraordinary and beautiful!

Dawn Suzette

Looks amazing. I have had my eye on that book for awhile now. Looking forward to seeing the results!


i think i need a carpool line.
maybe then i could get some things finished!


Very cute!


missed the straps last time. hope to snag one this round!


What a gorgeous travel time project!


Yah I made the Twirl Skirt for my daughter and I an they are wonderful, thank you.

Designs by Harmonie

Jill B

The skirt is enticing, but what drew my eye was your pincushion. Note to self: do you really NEED more pincushions?


I pray that it is in my size! It is already in my fave colors!! :)


I've had the Alabama Stitch Book for over a year now, and I just wish I could get to it! Lovely skirt coming together, Erin!


I LOVE the Alabama Stitch Book. I bought it before I learned to sew, just because I thought it to be so inspiring (and I was determined to *someday* make a reverse applique skirt). Yours looks amazing!


The skirt is great- so beautiful. I can't wait to see the finished product. I am a big Alabama fan. I just wish I was better at sewing so I tackle a project kit without reservations!


i'm so glad that you are enjoying the skirt process. my hand-stitching has been like that lately too... a little bit, put down for a while, a little bit more. and you are going to LOVE wearing that skirt :)

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