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The first day of school

One kid was super excited (Kate) and the other was nervous (Jane).  Both came home in a good mood, but hungry and tired.  Homework, cookies, bike rides, dinner, crazy eights, reading and then bed.  A good first day.

First day of school 



Last year


Two years ago.

Time sure does fly.


Sarah Jackson

Oh my gosh. So cute to see the years go by. They have grown up so much! Love Jane's sassy look this year.

Glad they had a good first day.

Tara Thayer

oh my, Erin. thanks so much for sharing their pictures. they are really something!
who looks just like you, and who looks just like Fatty? And can I please have some pink Tretorns? Please?

Jenny Yarbrough

Cute as can be...the first day is always so exciting! Your girls are adorable.

Account Deleted

I am always shocked at how much kids change from year to year. Yours are no exception. They look like they gain confidence every year they age in these shots. I'm glad it was a good first day. : )


They are just the sweetest little ladies!
What a great idea to take the photo in the same place every year. I need to get that planned right now.


oh my goodness so cute!! I love how you've done a series of photos in the same spot year after year. Cal starts preK at his brother's school in a few weeks; maybe I'll start a similar tradition.


oh such sweetness, erin! so glad the first day was a success.


Not sure which one is the one in the green shoes (Jane?) but I LOVE the look on her face and the hand in the pocket pose :) Also they've got way cooler shoes this year!!!


So cute! I love their bright shoes this year!


Those year by year photos are such fun! A reminder of how fast it goes.

Jane Weston

They look so cute in their uniforms. Back to school is a few weeks away for us...I'm dreading it as I've been enjoying summer so much.


Adorable!! Love the uniforms... I wore one for 11 years and I have a soft spot for them :)


I love the first day of school shots!

Karen at sew and sow life

Hey girls, gobble up your kids while you can! Tomorrow I'm driving our youngest of four out to college for her freshman year. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?

(Your girls are sweeties, Erin.)


They look so much more grown up! I LOVE that you had last years pic too. Ack. So cute!!!

Are they gearing up for Camp Thornewill?


They look so grown up and soooo cute!

Lisa Q

wow! the changes are amazing....they are growing up so fast and so beautifully. I think see some pre-teenage expressions starting to show!(maybe it's just nerves :)) So glad you shared these pics. I do the same our mailbox, every year we get a new first day of school picture. It's fun to see the changes.

Indiana Lori

Wow, time does fly. Your girls are so beautiful. My girls are 4 and 2, and I took my oldest's first day of Pre-K picture today with her lying on the floor with her backpack on her head. I'll pick her up and take a picture of her laughing in a few hours!

As a very dark headed brunette, I'm jealous of the hair! My girls came out blonde!!! What?

Here's to a great school year!

Indiana Lori


First School Day photos are the best - I'm lousy at keeping up with the height chart, but this is one tradition I always keep on top of. I can't believe my youngest is going to be starting pre-school in just two weeks - WHAT?

We always hear about your girls and see snapshots (and little hands holding quilts over bannisters) throughout the year, but seeing the difference between this year and last really drives home how quickly they are growing! That's what gets me both teary and amazed at the start of the school year (which won't be in full swing for FOUR more weeks for kindergarden here in Canada - yikes).

Heidi Elliott

Love the pictures, Erin! The shoes are fab. I hope their school year is fun and memorable :)

Alicia A.

It really, really, really does fly.

Jane's expression is classic. LOVE it!



Shoes - where did you get the shoes? Treetorns right?



Erin, I was stunned when I saw this year's first day of school photo. I cannot believe how big your girls have gotten. I do love how distinctly different their personalities are - even in their stances you get a feel for that. I hope that back to school means some quality time for you to spend with you!


very cute. i love the tretorns! i had some when i was a kid and don't see them much anymore :) back to school already? how does that happen so fast all the time?


I love their smiles and their shoes! School sure snuck up fast, huh? :)

heather jane

Don't you just love that they wear uniforms? No fighting about what to wear in the morning. We are big fans of the uniforms at my house. At least until middle school when I am sure I'll have to start listening to the whining...but for now. All good.


How cute! We take pictures at the same spot each year on the first day - it really helps to see how they change year after year. Good luck this year girls!


What beautiful girls... they have grown so much! Love their tretorns!


Wow! It's amazing how quickly they grow.

Missy knits

So very how they have grown in just one year!!


They are such lovely girls, Erin. My first-born started kinder last week. We're just beginning our journey...


Like the sneakers the best this year:-)


What beautiful daughters! I always love the fresh start available at the beginning of the new school year. Time goes soooooo very quickly!


Aw, I love first days of school!! I love how you can tell they were wearing their new school shoes too!!


I love those cool sneakers. That's great that even with a uniform requirement, they don't have to conform to the black leather lace-ups I've seen. (shudder)


Beautiful! I just bought myself a pair of Tretorns - so happy to see them again - always a fave!


oh my god!!! the tretorns! i had a pair of those so long ago. i had no idea they still made them. i must get some for my daughter.
they look so cute on their first day. we still have one more week left!!


Oh wow - my school had the exact same uniforms. *Laughs*


adorable. tretorns bring back found memories. how loving of you to have cookies on the first day of school. enjoy the growing that takes place this year...the growing you see in the girls and the growing you see in yourself.


Oh, how adorable they are! What fun to see the changes from the previous years.


what a difference a year makes. i don't think i could miss a first day of school picture for anything. it's so nice when they are all smiles. i wonder if it will continue when they are say.....fourteen? i love that mine are still at that "I love school" phase.


There is something about uniforms that just means business! But those smiles are all abut enjoying learning. So cute!


oh..... these pics sure made me smile.


What cuties and BOY does that remind me of my childhood--I actually loved getting my uniforms!


Oh my gosh! They are so stinking cute in their little uniforms and funky shoes!
It's crazy how you don't realize just how much they've grown until you start comparing photos. They are looking SO big in that last one and so little bitty two years ago!
Happy new year sweet gals!

Tora in Chagrin Falls, OH

WHAT??? School starting already? How unfair! Just when the hot weather is finally getting here school rears it's ugly head.

Your girls are adorable - I love the juxtaposition of uniform and shoes!


so cute and time DOES fly. my oldest starts kindergarten this year. not sure how that happened!


my goodness, they are adorable.


I love the shoes...

Dawn Suzette

Oh my goodness... So sweet! Wonderful that you have taken that same pic over the years! What a smart and thoughtful Mama!
I'm sure they will love these when they get older!

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