Quiet afternoons around here....

We have a winner

I asked my brother-in-law to pick a number between 1 and 123.  He said 77 so the copy of Vintage Baby Knits by Kristen Rengren goes to....


Aprill, email me your address (hillroad at bellsouth dot net) and I will make sure the book is on its way to you shortly!


So, here's a quick glimpse of the studio....I'm still tidying a bit.  And I'm officially out of storage room, so I am going to go through those fabric stacks and weed them out a bit more.  I'm also wondering how to organize the scrap bags.  Should I do them by color?  Warms and cools?  Or a total grab bag?  Feel free to weigh in.  I'm feeling indecisive.



That picture is just so totally eye candy! Why would anyone need art.... just stacks for fabric.... so much beauty!


oh, pretty! I think by color is nice. I'm always really short of some colors for quilts.


Ha! I love this so much, so many pretty fabrics! I also brought my honey in and said, be grateful my stash isn't that big yet. So thanks, because I think I just got myself off the hook with him for all the recent aquisitions to my own stash!


I'm so jealous...


Well i can't help you there, I have stopped breathing. You have a stash and a half. I showed it to my husband so he won't think my stash is big and he asked if your studio was a shop. LOL. You are a lucky girl!!

Mama Urchin

Hmmm, I think scrap bags by color or maybe two colors would be fun but as you know I'm thinking in color families at the moment.


Oh wow, my jaw is dropping over here...Never seen so much fabric before in someone's house.
I say do it by color. It will make it easier to pick fabric from to sew.


Oh my gosh!!! Love your studio...I'd go by color too :D


I did my by color and I used white photo boxes with label to store them in. Your studio is so cozy..


Ok, I know you've talked about your "studio" before, but really, I had NO IDEA! My mouth fell open when I saw all of that fabric!!! Coordinating colors - pink/orange/yellow, green/tourq/yellow...


Congratulations to April! And, such a pretty stash! ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

Sarah Jackson

nice!! I organized my scraps (!) by color family. Reds/pinks, orange/yellow, blue/green, neutrals. I have one bag of Heather Ross scraps that are separate. So far it's working well.


That's a delicious picture :) I'd say go all spazzy for the scrap bags. :D


OH My!!

I organize my fabric by project. I pick 6 to 10 fabrics that go well together and tie them into bundles with cotton string. That way if I see a pattern I like, I don't have to tear my stash apart to find fabric to do it up with.


ohhhh i love looking at fabric stacks!!!!!! My sewing room is very similar...well the bones are....same slanted ceilings. I have been envisioning something very similiar to this with the shelving! by color or cool/warm!


oh wow. your studio is my heaven!


goodness!!! i was getting quite proud of my stash...but compared to this, it's nothing! awesome.
um...i think any way you seperate would be awesome! a grab bag of both warm/cools does sound fun, though!


Im showing this to my hubby, so he thinks my stash is small. ;0) It all looks lovely! I would prefer grab bags in colors.


I always found it best to sort by color. But my method was for scrap quilts. It would probably also work for applique work. What do you WANT to do with it?
Now - I am weeding fabric again so I am always looking for ways to make sure fabric goes to a good home...so may I ask what are you doing with your "weeds"?


Your stacks of fabric are so cheerful :)

I think total grab bag would be the most fun but warms and cools would make filling out stash holes easiest.

Ginger & Pickle

holy stash-osaurus!!!!!!! *drool*

Chara Michele

For my scraps I just do a total grab bag approach, although that means I have to sort through them if I am looking for something specific... So I would say go with what works the best for you. :)

Laura Zarrin

I'd say coordinated colors like a fat quarter pack. Great studio, by the way.


I like the idea of scrap bags by color.


Swoon! That is so gosh darn perty ;)

I keep my scraps and odds and ends in a stack of vintage suitcases which are labeled so I know whats inside.

Jen Gough

Oh My! What a wonderful place! I like the grab bag approach....


warms and cools would be so pretty!

Roxy Schow

I say just a 'whatever grab bag' - they're the most fun!!

Rosário Albuquerque

for the picture I can see you are doing a great job... so do what you think it should be better! I'll keep staring at you picture studio for a while ok?


Oh my goodness! I am in awe of your studio and your stash! Lovely!

Rebecca M

One word- YUMMY!
I like the total grab bag idea, after all life is like a box of chocolates :)

kelly jo

Can I go shopping in your studio?!


Absolutely dreamy! Your stash is remarkable; a seriously long term collection you've built up. No wonder you find such seemingly easy inspiration to pull beautiful pieces together.


Your studio is how I want mine to look! All the way to the glass jars on top holding various things. So I have a question, about the shelves. Where did you get them? Thanks,
Come visit me at <http://whiteplumsews.blogspot.com>


I'm loving your studio! A bag of scraps sounds like a good thing...a surprise bag of sorts. If you feel compelled to be on the ocd side, like me, go for the winter colors, fall colors selection. Either way, I'm sure it will be a-o-kay. :-)


With that many scraps, you can afford to sort by colour.
What a fabulous space you have!


erin, your space is great! can i give you my two cents about the scrap bags? you just might make yourself batty if you attempt to color code them... as lovely as that would be. just scrap 'em... people will be just as pleased! ;)


I like the warms and cools personally, but any fabric scraps from your stash would be wonderful to have! I only hope you don't get too organized this week as I'm off camping tomorrow until Friday and don't want to miss out! Slow down, take your time sorting, have a few cold ones along the way!


Ok, I just drooled on myself a little.

michele (maryland)

Anyway you want to do it would be great! I love your space!


I am green with envy. Look at all that beautifulness!


Oh my. I want to walk through your studio and touch all that prettiness!


Beautiful stash :)
I think by colour is the most useful.


What a dream! The best way is by color...you could make colored pillowcases or have large jars filled with the scraps? Show us what you end up with.

Laurie in faraway PA

Lovely space! I think Elizabeth at Oh Fransson.com has a great system for sorting her fabrics and scraps. Check out her post on 2/14/09 in the archives for a description visual tour of her fabric closet. Have fun! and I love your blog!


Oh, you already look so organized...I'd do the bags of scraps by color.

Lisa Clarke

Your stash makes me a wee bit jealous!


I agree with "by color" :-)


Oooh. I'm jealous. Send me some blues and greens, please!

Erin {Juneau.Eco.Mommie}

delicious collection of fabrics...i NEED one of your camera straps. will buy soon .


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