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I've been in a little bit of a craft rut recently.  I have lots of ideas swimming around in my head, but I am having a hard time executing them.  Now that this last batch of camera straps is completed and mailed, I have some time on my hands.  I went up to the sewing room to find something and got completely distracted by a pile of unfinished projects.  The amount of WIP around here is staggering.  So with the exception of what I am doing for my local craft swap, I'm declaring September the month in which I will finish (some of) what I have started. 


First up:  Kate's Single Girl quilts.  I started working on these in April, 2008 and finished the arcs last October.  Uh, yeah.  Time to finish.  This weekend I pieced about 20 squares.  That makes 53 out of 96 squares - more than half way.  Most likely I will find someone to do their long arm magic on these quilts instead of quilting them myself.  I just need to get the tops finished first.


And since I have a hard time keeping track of which piece of the ring goes where, I finally labeled them.  I couldn't do the 1, 2, 3, 4 that the pattern recommends because it's just not logical to me.  I mean, do the numbers go clockwise or left to right then top to bottom?  I keep forgetting which I chose.  This time, I labeled them like a compass - N, S, E, W.  I can't forget that, can I?

In other news, Lisa interviewed me over at Polka Dot Cottage as part of her morning coffee series.  It was fun to be on the on the other side of a Q and A and I am amazed that I didn't make a complete fool of myself.  If your interested in what I have to say about blogging, go have a look-see

Also, TypePad is going to be doing some testing on my blog.  Hopefully, it won't be for very long.  If the comments mysteriously disappear, you now know why.

OK - back here tomorrow with some other small tidbits.  See you then.



Oh wow that is a serious effort at completing this quilt. I have just made a test block with this pattern, and realize how much time just one block takes to make. I have also just ordered some Kona Cotton in Bone colorway. Do you happen to remember what colorway you have chosen as your background fabric? A really lovely choice of fabrics by the way. Inspirational!

Mama Urchin

That sounds like my knitting, a million things started. School started today so there should be more time for finishing soon.


Hi Erin! It's always good to see what you are up to in your studio. I'm in the same mode right now with WIPs. I just bound my second of three I Spy quilts. I have my virtual quilt block to make and the list goes on. I'm scared to actually look at the list too carefully. :-) I hope you have a productive day.

PS. I really enjoyed the morning chat and poking around Lisa's blog.

Liz Provo

I love the red and green in cheerful. A good idea to finish up wip...

Lisa Clarke

I'd be interested to know how it goes, getting it quilted by somebody else. I have been considering that idea for my next quilt.

As far as not making a fool of yourself, that's the beauty of a written interview - so much easier to edit yourself :-) Thanks for taking part!


So I have never but a list togetther, it would be too daunting I'm afraid. But I did finish a quilt top this weekend and so then wandered off to the cupboard(s) to see what was next to finish too. Maybe its fall calling us all home again!

rachel | buttons magee

Maybe I should use some of your mojo and get some things completed around here too. I am notorious for starting sewing projects and just leaving them to sit for all eternity.

Meg Evans

Great interview, Erin! I can't wait to see the quilts all done. I just love your fabric choices. I am declaring September my month of starting back up--I feel like I've been away from my sewing machine for far too long. I'm going to start planning some Christmas gifts!


Beautiful blocks. I completely understand that overwhelming, "what do I do now" when having completed a bunch of projects. It's like a project block when nothing is started.


As you may or may not know I've been in a rut over here as well. And I'm definitely making progress on my WIPs so it's a blessing in disguise.
Good luck with September.


I almost went there (declaring that I will finish WIP's) in my recent post, but then realized that I'd only be setting myself up for failure! All my WIP quilt tops are starting to taunt me. When I think about them, I get a little antsy.


yay! fun to read! xo.


I always like dreaming up new projects rather than finishing up the ones I already have too, however finishing projects always brings such a sense of accomplishment. I can't wait to see all the projects you finish this month.


erin, that was a lovely interview.
I've got a lot to finish up, too. But first, whole foods. . .


wow - the quilt looks like it is really very far along. i love all those patchy arcs! and the morning coffee interview was nice (however i enjoyed it with a cup of green tea, hope that's ok?) ;)
quilt on!


my poor machine has been sitting alone. i need to START a new project. you may have been in a craft rut but i have been in a craft cavern!


I started that quilt, but it is so not happening! While I love the look of Denyse Schmidt quilts (and I mean LOVE in a major way), I suspect that with the Single Girl quilt, that she made the quilt and then reverse engineered the pattern. Really I can't imagine that anyone would sit down and create rings with that many unique pieces if they were planning to make it something that others would replicate from a pattern. At some point, I would like to make a ring-esque quilt, but I don't think that it will be the "single girl." And maybe at some point, I will stop being the token single girl! Not likely though considering how my love life has been going lately!

Sarah Jackson

I love that quilt and want to make it someday, but I have so many things in front of it. So many. However, I'm taking inspiration from you and spending September finishing things that are halfway done. For real.


That is SO cute - I love your fabric choices...and the unbleached muslin (unexpectedlty).

I have that same pattern in my drawer. Maybe I can finish some other projects, so that I can justify getting it out.


There's a lot of that finishing of projects going on around the world of crafting... That quilt looks like a big project, I'm sure it will seem like a huge weight lifted off of your shoulders once it's done!


Erin! I just opened my mailbox and *joy* my new camera strap was waiting! Oh! Oh! OH! is it every lovely. Thanks for making me smile-- and making my camera so much more pretty;)


since my boys are both in school full time now, this sounds like a perfect challenge for the month of september! best wishes on finishing the most important items on your list!


I love this pattern... one day I shall make one! And I have the same problem with too many ideas, too little time hehe


I was wondering where those quilts were....

But really, it's not like you haven't been working on like a billion other things!


Oh I like that!

I know what you mean, I have tons of things started and not finished, and so many others floating around in me head. I need to get some DONE.


all i can say is xoxo.

i keep meaning to give you a call. i'm going to put it on my list!


all i can say is xoxo.

i keep meaning to give you a call. i'm going to put it on my list!


that is a really nice start to your quilt..i like that you went coffee cream as the background color..a nice unexpected change!


Ha! I started mine in October 08 and have just started working on it again. It's a race! See you at the finish line in ... June '10?


the single girl is such a great pattern.
and finishing things in september sounds like a great plan!

loved your interview over at lisa's.


i've started a finishing spree over here too. i've been closing in on a quilt that i've been working on since last summer. i can. not. wait. to have it finished. and about 5 more others complete, too. i'm eager to see your single girl quilts (sheesh, you are ambitious!) done.


Love these squares!


Can't wait for you to finish this quilt. Oh, yes! It is going to be alot of fun.


i need to make a similar resolution... i've been in a rut myself and struggling to finish anything or get started on a new sewing project. i think some good tunes this weekend and dedicated sewing machine time is definitely in order.


i need to make a similar resolution... i've been in a rut myself and struggling to finish anything or get started on a new sewing project. i think some good tunes this weekend and dedicated sewing machine time is definitely in order.

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