Slowly but surely
Shop update

I've been working

I've been working

There hasn't been much happening around these parts except sewing and I like it that way.  Of course, my family would probably love it if I would stop long enough to do the dishes or the laundry, maybe even vacuum.

Shop update will be Thursday, September 3rd at 1:00 p.m. EST (New York time).

Back to the sewing machine.  Maybe back here tomorrow.  Maybe not.



if only you could sell enough straps to hire a cook and a maid!


Oh, so pretty! I totally have my eye on the FMF one (blue seeds? my absolute favorite, as you know!). I better make sure I'm at the computer on Thursday - I missed them last time you updated!


Camera straps? Love them, I made one for myself and people always ask about it...



Sarah Jackson

dishes? vacuum? cook? pfft.

they look beautiful.


i love my strap! keep going ... they make us better photographers, or at least we're stylish and happy!

chez shoes

Oh man! I *need* one - just bought my first DSLR and I hate the strap it came with.


The site of those colourful straps made me smile. Hearing that someone else in the world has abandoned the cleaning today made me all-out-joyful (or at least infinitely less guilty feeling).

Meg Evans

Hmmm, if I get the awesome camera strap, I'll need an awesome camera to go with it...


they are really pretty.
all that other stuff can will always be there. :)

Amanda P.

Woo-hoo! Camera straps! I can't wait to get mine + one other!


beautiful as always erin!! i love those indian summer colors--such a great collection for this time of year!

chicago sarah

I stopped sewing, did dishes and laundry yesterday, and...things aren't much different today. Except for the clean undies, I wish I'd spent yesterday evening sewing. :)


A clean home is sew!
My kids actually like me more when i am less of a Mommie Dearest and a bit messy...and more relaxed.


my family would probably like it if i would do dishes, laundry, vacuum, too. (but for different reasons.) :)


Oh, they look so pretty!!!! How exciting!


i've been stalking your site for days waiting for the camera straps update. fingers crossed i manage to get one this time!!!




I actually cleaned up my sewing room the other day... a long time coming. Do you have a 440? I love that machine, it is one of my favorites- of all the Berninas. Do you BSR?


Loving those bright colors! I would have a hard time pulling myself away too...


Hi Erin, just wanted to say I always read your blog, and really enjoy it. Those camera straps are bound to fly out of your shop!

Janice Berg

dishes and laundry can wait. The mood for sewing should always win!! I think a housekeeper is in order for my house.

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