Finishing what I started

Miles's monkey

My nephew Miles turned 5 on Saturday.  He only asked for one thing: a sock monkey.  I was happy to oblige.

Miles' sock monkey 

I used the instructions found in Sock and Glove by Miyako Kanamori.  This book is great.  Softies are not my forte, but the directions and simple materials used to make the animals in this book give me a little more confidence every time I make one up.  My friend Jodi helped me - she stuffed, I sewed - and we had this guy complete in about forty-five minutes.  I also had everything I needed on hand - socks, stuffing, buttons, thread, embroidery floss.  Easy peasy and super cute.  I need to remember this book for the random gloves and single socks that accumulate over time.  Sewn up with a little stuffing, they make great and fast gifts.  Just my speed.  There's another book, Happy Gloves, by the same author.  I don't own it, but have seen it at the book store.  It looks like it might have potential, too.  If anyone has used it, I'd be interested to know what you think.

For the record, the sock monkey was not in the unfinished project pile - I made it on Saturday before I decided to finish what I have started.  And on that note, I made 12 more quilt squares yesterday.  That brings the total to 65 with 21 31 left (bad math and wishful thinking).  I can see a tiny light at the end of the tunnel.

I'm still waiting for TypePad to test my blog.  Just thought I would mention it again in case the comments disappear.


Liz Provo

Erin...that's cute.

Mama Urchin

I love that he's green, and polka-dotted.

Molly @ Star Cottage

I love it! Your projects always turn out so good, and you have such an eye for fabric choices. I have yet to make one of these. I have been so intimidated. If it's that easy I should just take the plunge. Thanks for the book recomendation ;)


Good going! I have that book and have been meaning to make some things out of it. It's such a great book!! Love your green monkey...he's really cute!


the orange belly button is great! I've made the elephant and the horse from that book and had a great time with both. I think I'll go dig the book out and have a look again. And damn! you are rocking the quilt squares!

Meg Evans

Too cute! Softies are a great gift idea--I'll have to keep that in mind!


Ahhh...he's adorable!


I love the green! Very cute little guy!

Kate Mills

He is great, and the green is fantastic!

Fun Mama - Deanna

I love the green polka dots! What a cute little monkey. I've seen that book, but I've been intimidated by softies. Thanks for sharing.


i love the green fabric as well, great take on the original. i liked your interview as well, it felt very genuine.


do you know about the sock monkey project over at There are some great sock monkey ideas, plus a wonderful way to help some very brave children!

Sarah Cosper

I love "Happy Gloves". I might even like it more than the original. You should get it.


your nephew is going to love it!


Oh my, that is so adorable. I am sure it brought a huge smile to his face


I love it!!! Too nice!!!


Oh how fun. What a sweet cheeky monkey.
I used to make these fun frogs - this inspires me to do so...


i want to make a monkey for someone!
except first i would need some adorable SOCKS!


Super cute monkey! I so want to make one now!


I have Happy Gloves (got it for Christmas)- just got some gloves to start making little softies (impossible to find gloves in the summer!)



He IS super cute!!! Your nephew will love him.


ACK! I love him! Okay, forget I ever said Target.


he is soooo super cute!


he's so cute. i love the shade of green you used.


Adorable monkey! I would have had a hard time giving that away.


I always go through the target sock aisle to look for cute socks to cut up! Love the greed dotted monkey!!


He's so cute!

Also, what is TypePad supposed to be testing for you?

Still annoyed with them...


That is adorable! Wish my sock monkeys turned out as well...

Modern Crush

I love him! What a happy green man:)


Love his little martini olive eyes :)

bettyann your sock monkey


he's cute, polka dot and adorable


Cute as! I have the book too and have made a little creature from it. I think it started as the bear and ended up looking like a mouse.
See him here:

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