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My Bloomers Skirt

I wore my skirt from the moment I finished it on Thursday until I went to bed that night.

I got up on Friday morning and put it back on.  Don't worry - Saturday it went in the laundry.

Folded bloomers

I've had the Alabama Stitch Book since it came out - I think that was a year and half ago.  And from the moment it came in the mail, I have loved looking at it.  It oozes inspiration.  I was pretty sure it would join the collection of craft books that I love love love to own because they are so beautiful and inspiring, not because I want to make any of the projects.  Truth be told, I didn't want to attempt anything in the book.  Stenciling, hand sewing and knits?  Um, not for me, thank you.

But the more I looked at it, the more it grew on me.  I began seeing projects that other people had made.  Then I was truly inspired.  Maybe I could do this too.

Bloomers skirt  

I started gathering the supplies.  The fabric came from Mood in NYC - I bought that last November while shopping with Kristin.  The paint I picked up sometime in January or February.  I cut the skirt out in March, thinking I would get it finished for summer.  It didn't happen.  While in San Francisco this July, I found FOE in brown at Britex.  It was like a sign.  I came home, I stenciled and I started stitching.

My skirt on

Six weeks later, I have my skirt.  And if fits.  This is a big, huge deal, you all.  I know that the sizing on this pattern is different - it's based on waist size, not hip size so it was a guessing game as to what size to actually cut.  Both Blair and Melissa told me to go a size bigger than I thought.  I did.  I think that made all the difference.  I left the knots on the wrong side of the fabric because, as cool as they look on the outside, I'm just too tailored for that.  I also stitched the seams by machine instead of by hand mostly because I was impatient.  I made huge mistakes on the stenciling that almost made me drop the project.  But now that the stitching is finished, I'd have a hard time pointing them out.  Talk about forgiving.  It is also incredibly comfortable - hello knit!

I love it so much that I am already plotting another skirt.  With beads (oh my!).  I'm also trying not to get too excited about Alabama Studio Style.  Six months and counting....



over the top fabulous, erin! i'm so jealous!


oh erin. the skirt is awesome. congrats on an inspiring and epic project!


It looks so great! I don't see any of those "mistakes."

I didn't realize amazon had the new book up already - I never preorder books, but I want this one asap. When I met Natalie in May, she said the book will be out in Febuary, so maybe the wait won't be quite six months. I'm hoping she'll have a book signing at my LFS.

Also, thanks for the link :)

Sarah Jackson

it's really beautiful. I think I would want to wear it every single day.


How beautiful!


It is so great. Really!


I just have to do this. I love it so!


PS: I would agree with you about the book -- for me, it's always just been a "pretty" book, not a project book. But now I want to try!


it's awesome! well done my friend.


It looks even better "on" you! Great job!



It is amazing! Beautiful work. You should be so proud.

dani@little fists

Love, love, love that green and chocolate brown combo. Excellent work.


Super cute!

The Knitting Archaeologist


Jennifer Tan

Beautiful skirt! You are inspiring me to sew for myself...


LOVE it!!!!

Amy Hodge

Wow! It looks AWESOME!


I love the skirt!

Mary Beth

This is totally fabulous! Inspiring work! I'm like you--I own the book but doubted that I'd ever make anything from it. Maybe this is just the little nudge I need. Thank you!


wow! so cool. I've been watching people make this skirt for ages too and slowly slowly wanting to make one, too. And I love that you're standing on the tub.


So pretty! I had to read the post because the picture on my reader was so intriguing. Well done!


Truly one of the most amazing skirts ever. You must feel fantastic when you wear it, and I'm sure the compliments are non-stop.

I'd love to try this, but am so terrified of working with knit. Any tips you want to share?

Mary Beth

Absolutely drop dead gorgeous!!!! I have drooled over this book in the bookstore, and also felt it was way above my abilities. But you have inspired me! I love your choice of colors. Perfect! You should be proud. So worth the wait!!

Meg Evans

It's wonderful! I do have some delicious burgundy knit fabric that has been sitting in the stash for almost a year...maybe if I start now, it could be done in time for the fall/winter holidays!

Once again, you've made something fabulous look easy!

Jill B

Totally inspiring.


Wow. The thought of making one of those still scares the heck out of me but I'd be wearing it year long if it were mine!


How clever are you!


Sigh, gorgeous. Bet you're missing the rhythm of all the hand sewing - it's so addictive. I've only had a go at a couple of the smaller projects, but one day, one of those skirts will be mine.


Beautiful skirt! I'm gonna' have to get that book...and yes, I'd wear it every day too :-)


After I saw your "preview" the other day I immediately ordered the book. Your skirt is fabulous and I'm glad to hear that you did some of the stitching with your machine, doing it entirely by hand sounds a little daunting.

BTW, I saw your elephant and giraffe baby quilt patterns in a book the other day. Congratulations on being published again (even if I am a little late :-)

linda p

very pretty!!! these are the kinds of things i dream about doing when i'm not doing a work project.


Totally love it. That book has been on my wish list, birthday came and went, no book. I think a little more hinting is in order for the holiday season!

Lisa Clarke

That looks great! And ambitious... although this is a great time of year to consider a project like this. The idea of spending the cooler evenings curled up with a hand-sewing project has it's appeal.


What a beautiful skirt! I don't have the book, but I'm definitely going to have to check it out soon.


totally fabulous. I fell in love with that skirt in that book, too. I am glad to know that it is doable. Love it!




The skirt is just LOVELY! :)


what a great skirt!


Wow, I love it! and I feel the same way as you did... knits, stenciling, handsewing knits... NO THANKS! but that's such a cute skirt (in my favorite colors!) you just might have inspired me!


Fabulous! And I know what you mean about just looking through books for the beauty and inspiration.


Love love love it! But I REALLY love that you are standing on your bathtub to take that last shot. HA!


that really is nice, I would buy that from you! this book is definitely on my wish list now!


That is gorgeous, erin. I'd wear it constantly too!

Molly Irwin

Wow! Thanks for taking us through the thought process. The fact that you overcame uncertainty and pushed through it ... totally inspiring. The skirt is beautiful. I love it.


Turned out super cute...so glad you didn't get discouraged and got it done!


It looks great, Erin! I've had my eye on the book ever since it came out, but thought it may be over my head. I do love wearing knits...


Looks great! I love the colors and the stitching. Woo hoo for you!


This is really fantastics! I'd love to own this actually...I love green and brown together and especially love wearing those colors.

Bravo on a beautiful job!


it's so wonderful! nice work, again, erin.


wow, i'm impressed...i too have the fabric and that is IT...I got confused on the sizing and just stopped there--a year ago. What size did you end up using? I think we even spoke about this last year in comments as well! I am a 10 in jeans, skirts, slacks, etc,....what do you think...M or L?

I may cheat and order the DIY kit from ALabama Chenin!

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