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Monday morning I read Molly's post about getting kids outdoors.  Immediately I decided that we would do homework outside.  As luck would have it, the ice cream truck was practically at our driveway as we biked up the street after school.  That made homework extra sweet.

I received my October issue of Everyday Food yesterday.  I was super excited that I had everything on hand to make one of the chicken recipes.  I looked on the Martha Stewart website, but couldn't find a link.  If you have the magazine, go to pgs. 88 - 89.  You basically take a whole chicken cut into pieces (I had thighs and legs on hand), place them in a roasting pan with cut up new potatoes, the cloves from a head of garlic (unpeeled), some thyme, a quartered lemon and a red onion (cut into eighths).  Whisk together some olive oil  - the recipe calls for 1/4 cup, but I would reduce this to 3 tbsp. - and 2 tbsp. of balsamic vinegar.  Toss everything in your vinaigrette, season with salt and pepper and roast in your oven.  The recipe calls for 450 degrees for 50 minutes - I did 425 degrees on convection bake for 45 because that is how I normally roast chicken pieces.  I steamed some green beans, sliced some tomatoes and called it a meal.  It was a winner - everyone liked it.  It would have been extra good with some crusty bread to spread those roasted garlic cloves on.  Next time.

I found an acorn in the cuff of my pants this morning.  I am pretty sure I picked it up while biking the girls to school.  I never felt it fall in there so I was surprised when it rolled out.  Just another sign that Autumn is on its way.

Finally, if you want to hear me prattle on some more, Amy interviewed me as part of her Mama Views series on Progressive Pioneer.  I was flattered that she asked me to join her there.  I just re-read my answers and, again, am amazed that I didn't make a total fool out of myself.  Seriously.  Being the "A" of the Q&A takes some getting used to.  Thanks for the opportunity, Amy.

Chat with you all soon.


Tara Thayer

Yay for randomness. Prattle on all you like. I love it. And I'm going to follow your recipe up there tonight. Seems like an easy dish that is perfect for early fall.


Alwasy ready! Love that you found a renegade acorn hiding in your pants. Homework, ice cream and the outdoors sound divine! Congrats on your interview. You did a great job!


Love acorns! A definite sign of fall. There is just something magical about them and I know I'm not alone in thinking so because my daughter is enchanted with them too even though I never really told her how much I love them.

Sarah Jackson

I am a big fan o f random. That chicken sounds delicious. Makes me wish Gunnar hadn't sworn off chicken. Very inconvenient.


How pretty your backyard is. It looks like a perfect place for homework on such a lovely day! That chicken dish sounds yummy! Now I know what we're having tonight!


I love easy dinners! Very useful information.

I love acorns, too. Crunching them all over the sidewalk is one of my most favorite fall activities and a stress reliever. A kind of a natural bubble wrap.


I love the days when I read your posts, Erin, and I travel the internet fro link to link. The same thing happens to me when I look up a word in the dictionary flipping pages from one word to the next. Fun stuff!


Lily found an acorn on the patio yesterday and was surprised. It is still as hot as hell down here, but I guess the seasons really are changing.


You would never make a fool of yourself in a q&a, it's nice to read your interviews.

Love the homework outside idea. We're having a late summer heat increase so we've been out soaking it up.

It's so nice to see sunshine. We've been missing it around here with all of the rain.


such adorable photos, erin!
a true capture of your everyday life.
i love it.


I'll have to try some chicken like that...
I love the random acorn! How serendipitously sweet!


Homework outside has a nice ring to it. And an acorn in your cuff made me smile.

Pam - captured by our cameras

Thanks for the heads up about your interview at Progressive Pioneer. I've enjoyed the series.


i just got the chance to read your interview. it was so wonderful. you are a lovely "prattler".

mary smith

Homework outside is a great idea! Love the little acorn story too.


randomness is can't be single-minded all the time.

Liz Provo

Hey Erin...I made the chicken last night...great. We all loved it. Thanks;) liz


can't wait to read the interview!
and we've been doing homework outside too, although ice cream sounds like a delicious addition!


Easy dinners are the best. I work late, and so does my husband.. If it weren't for easy dinners, and my 2 year old, I'm pretty sure some nights we wouldn't even eat dinner, we would just go straight to bed. I'll add this to the list!

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