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Nov 13 2

I made these little notepads for Kate's birthday party favors.  The second graders started learning cursive last week so I thought it would be fun to have a little practice pad.  And stickers.  And a gel pen.  I mean, who doesn't like a gel pen?

Making these got me thinking about who else on my list could use some notepads.  The teachers for sure.  And I already whipped some up for the nephews who can write/scribble and some for Jane's friend that has a birthday today.  They were fun and fast to make.  I am thinking about putting some in the shop next week if there is any interest.  They would be made to order because of the personalization and there would be choices for fonts, color ink and lines/no lines.  Two or three sizes, too.  They'd be available for a limited time so that I could ensure delivery before the holiday.  What do you think?

And speaking of the shop, there will be some camera straps before the holidays.  I haven't set a date yet, but it is looking like the first week of December due to Thanksgiving.  I'll set the date and time next week and post it here.

All right then.  I'm off to cook dinner.  Later.


jen j-m

i love them!! and i am anxiously awaiting the camera strap update.
hope you have survived all of the birthday festivities.


Great notepads, my kids go through so many, they love to write constantly. I just love your camera straps, they are fantastic.


these notepads are a great idea, what a perfect party gift, and they should do very well in the shop, everyone loves to see their name on something!

tara thayer

well, i know some girls who would love these, but of course, my kids alone might keep you busy 'til new years.
and...speaking of busy...
that fancy guitar strap i saw over at emily's? was that one of yours? never thought of that. hmmmmn....


Please do put them in the shop! The camera straps are in such high demand. The notepads would be too.


I'm so curious to know how you did the note pads they are adorable. And you don't know how badly I want a camera strap : )


Mama G

The notepads are super-duper! As a (high school) teacher, I give them a big thumbs up. I'm sure your kids' teachers will love them (and stickers! oooh, yeah!)


Definitely a gift for everyone. I'd love to buy some for my daughter's teachers! and for my daughters


Yes! I would love to buy some notbooks for the xmas gift. Please do add them into your shop!


I know two little boys who need these.

also -how about a small size guitar strap? :)


What a lovely idea. I would definitely be interested.


Great party favors! I love gel pens myself.


I would love to order the notepads for my 2 daughters, 3 nieces, and nephew. Please offer them- it's a great idea, and would eliminate my Christmas gifts stress!!!


that is so very clever! A little treat that will definitely get used!


Yep. My daughter has a different name that we have not seen in print. She would be thrilled.


Erin, I'm so glad to see you back here. I've been spotty with my reading, I guess, and then there was that little "no internet" hiatus.
I hope Fatty's and Kate's birthdays were great.
The note pads are adorable - sounds like they should be in the shop for sure.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


They are so cute! I'm curious -- how do you make them? Gocco printer?


Super cute! How about selling them as a personalized PDF? No holiday shipping to contend with!


These are so cute! I would be interested in buying some.


I love these notepads. Such a perfect gift for a little one.

Carol Barlow

Love the notepads. Leigh and I have so much fun looking at your crafting adventures. You are truly so gifted - I just don't know how you find the time!! We can hardly wait to see what you'll be working on next! I am interested in getting a couple of the notepads if you decided to offer them. I'd offer to do a baked good barter, but you're such a good baker, too :)

ellie and abbie

Erin, would you mind sharing your source for ordering these custom notepads? I'd love to make a few of these as gifts for my niece and nephews. Thanks so much,

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