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Nov 30

It's close to eight o'clock.  The kids are up in their beds, reading books waiting for me to come up, tuck and kiss, turn out the lights.  Fatty is out to dinner for work.  I'm sitting here thinking about the dozens of things that need doing tonight because I won't be able to do them tomorrow and they have to get done because Wednesday is a very important day.  I'm not motivated and it's stressing me out.

But I did make chocolate chip cookies with the girls.  And ate some of the dough, of course.  I printed something on fabric with a screen and that was F-U-N.  I was scared to try, but I did and it worked like a charm.  Of course, it's a secret I can't share (don't you hate that?), but I think it is going to be good when I am finished.  I will share it then, I swear.  And the nutcrackers and smokers are out and lined up.  The tree is going to happen on Thursday and I am looking forward to that.  I might actually break out the Christmas music tomorrow, it being December and all.

I'm going to go upstairs, cuddle with my girls and then get my work done for the night.  I am going to forget about my horrible shopping experience and keep my fingers crossed that I will be able to find a suitable cocktail dress without a straight skirt by Friday.  I'm going to add paperwhites to my list and think about gingerbread houses.  I'm going to make myself enjoy tomorrow for what it is.  And then on Wednesday, I'll celebrate. 



Very mysterious and intriguing, Erin. I'm sure everything will get done and turn out perfectly. Sending luck your way.


You set the mood so well! Wishing you good shopping karma!


Hang in there. Make a to-do list and check off items one by one, each one will be a success. Smile. This always helps. Know we are thinking of you. ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

Sarah Jackson

You'll get there. You always do, friend. And I'm intrigued by the screen printing. I think I'm taking that plunge soon too.


Sounds like you have lots of exciting things on the horizon. I hope you are able to get everything done that you are wanting to. Have a lovely snuggle with the kids, it'll make everything better.

heather harris

focus on the positive: tomorrow is just another day and it will come to an end. then comes a day of big fun! hang in there...thinking of you...


sounds like your brain is on the right track Erin, and if that's the case, the world will follow. xo


I already broke the Christmas music out. In Florida. By the pool. And then we listened on the whole drive home. :-)

nicola@which name?

positive thinking has amazing powers. so does cookie dough. :)
ps. i am having a give-away this week that you and your readers might like.


well i hope that wednesday is a celebration and that we get to see your cocktail dress!

Indiana Lori

Are you chairing Santa Shop? Because I am, and this is exactly how I'm feeling. Stressed, somewhat excited, and not at all motivated to put a price sticker on one more gift.

To bed....cookies would have been a good move tonight.


I just have to say I love the smoker with the suicase. Me living in M√ľnchen right now and still rembering every great moment of my year living in New York!
Thanks for sharing so many great things here with us!


Positive thinking can only help. (Unless it doesn't.)


I'm sure you've heard it before, but your collection is just wonderful. I'm in the mood to put on Christmas music just looking at your rows of colourful characters.

Stay postive and just keep working through the list. You'll get there.

And maybe try making a cocktail - if you mix it, the dress will come?


Ah, the power of the mind. This is something I've been working on. Attitude and positive thinking is everything. Hang in there, you tease!!

rachel | buttons magee

This time of year always gets me feeling a bit stressed with all the planning and such. Good for you for finding the good parts and enjoying them.

Mama Urchin

Sometimes it takes a change of mind, to the positive, to create a change of reality. I hope it is all going well.


great great great photo!! I'm sending good vibrations for whatever is ahead!


paperwhites are on my list for today too. talk later. xo.


I'm sure you have something good up your sleeve!


oh! today was a BIG day!!!!
wow. i know ten. it is huge.
happy birthday to your sweet girl. xx

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