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Shop update tomorrow

Dec 6

I love twinkle lights.  And this year, I threw caution to the wind and loaded up the tree.

The shop update will be tomorrow at 11am EST.  It's a smaller update than I had hoped for - only 17 camera straps in three colorways.  I wish I had more to offer, but I am feeling pretty ill.  It's just a cold, but it has wiped me out.  If I am feeling better this weekend, I will probably sew up some more to offer next week.  No promises, though.

Back to my chicken soup.


Sarah Jane

Sorry you're now feeling well. I hope to get a camera strap with the wish for a new Christmas camera.
Get well soon.


Snuggle under the covers, Erin, and get better.

Mary-- The Yellow Door Paperie

Feel better! I'm excited about your shop update!

Mama Urchin

I hope you feel better soon.


Ohhhh, poor you. Chicken soup and rest, rest, rest... Hope you're feeling better soon.


This reminds me of You've Got Mail... "I'm putting up more twinkle lights." Hope you feel better. Maybe you should get comfy and watch a movie :)


Hoping your cold gets better soon.
I have just caught up on your blog which I haven't visited since it was Fatty's a very happy belated to your daughter...and am excited about your Shop Update!
Have a lovely day.


hope you feel better soon very very soon.
this photo is so beautiful and magical.


aww. feel better, you. xx


i am with you on the cold that wipes you out! it is a doozey! hope you are over it soon!


Get well and enjoy the season!


feel better soon!


Oh, Erin, get well!

(And see you in 30 minutes. I *will* get a strap this time, lol!)

Katie @ cakes, tea and dreams

Our tree is full of twinkle lights, too. I hope you enjoy them as you recover.


I hope you feel better soon.

Love this picture!


love the photo! hope you feel better by now!
Just found your blog and find it very inspiring

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