Steeking and sewing
It's March


cloth.paper.string | sarah

erin, you're my hero!


Wow, so brave! I love the sweater and the video. Is the Flip not the world's best invention?

Sarah Jackson

wow!!! yay for you!


I would have taken one snip and had a heart attack! You are my hero.


well done, so brave! It looks lovely.


*in awe*

rachel | buttons magee

I just love to hear y'alls voices. :)


You did it! And I loved her video skills, especially when she deemed it important to show the arm and the rest of the sweater too!


freaky, freaky, Erin! And you seemed soooo relaxed about the whole thing!! I love the dialogue and I am so looking forward to the finished cardi!


Wow! I am so impresssed. Have fun finishing it up!


fantastic !!! I'm not sure i could do that....
can't wait for the finish cardi !!


Way to go! Congrats!


Loved her guided tour of the sweater!!


Way to go! Love the video! Can't wait to see it all finished.


now there's some olympic courage! it looks beautiful!


Three cheers for you!


I love the video. I'm giving it an Oscar for best short documentary. Also, did you need to lay down in a dark room and breathe deeply after you did the cutting? That's what Elizabeth Zimmerman recommends after you cut your knitting.


I bet your heart was pounding as you were cutting! Mine was!


So scary! And so awesome! Good for you.

Mama G

Bravo! It looks fantastic!


I am really truly beyond impressed!!! It looks beautiful!


Such a beautiful sweater - I love the colourful pattern! I would be scared to cut...well done!


How fearless!
being fearless is what I want to achieve with my knitting, but I have a long way to go (:
The sweater is lovely.

Anna - Three Sneaky Bugs

Super amazing! Steeking scares the crap out of me, so way to go!! Love Jane's video too.


How awesome and it looks like it fits perfectly.



Mary Ann

The sweater is so beautiful....and I got tangled up straight knitting on an afghan last night...sigh!


no way!


Great video and the sweater isn't too shabby either. Agnes watched with me and kept saying "Bye Jane, Bye Jane" when it was over. Ely loves to take videos with the flip, though it freaks me out a little to let a 4 year old use it. Luckily he has never broken the always wear the wrist strap rule.

amanda jane

so endearing. sounds silly but the words of encouragement from your daughter made me smile big.

julianna smith

Awesome!!! Love your girlie's voice in it, too, cheering you on :-)


Congratulations! I held my breath for you the whole time. You are not only talented, but very brave as well.


The sweater looks great, but what I love even more is hearing you and Jane speak. Gotta love the Flip.


Bravery! And now you are well rewarded--congrats!


Oh, the sweater looks amazing. Congratulations!! I have a pullover that I made that's not quite right, and have always wanted to/thought about steeking, but was never quite brave enough. I think you've inspired me, why not try it?
By the way, which tutorial did you find the most helpful, and which one did you end up using, technique-wise?
Thanks, and wish me luck!


Wow..Brave! Both for taking scissors to your sweater, and for actually going on camera! lol Jane is adorable, btw!


That video was awesome! It had drama, suspense and comedy!

Congratulations on the sweater it looks gorgeous!

Mary-- The Yellow Door Paperie

You are so brave! Yay jane!


Love your daughter's voice, so sweet! You are avery brave and clever lady!


Seriously fantastic! Yay for you! Can't wait to see it finished!


big smiles.

i loved fatty's clanging. :)


woo hoo! Congrats!


Jane's right-- it IS beautiful! (And you're so brave!)

City Farm Girl (Jenn)

Oooh... this sweater might be what I needed to push me into the world of knitting! It is beautiful!

Lisa Clarke

Jane should video blog more often :-) My 10-year-old (Boring Office Guy highly recommends it.

Great job on the sweater! I'm looking forward to seeing it all finished.


You didn't even seem scared! Wow.


Excellent! Thanks for sharing. I loved listening to the conversation w Jane -


I'm still cringing! You must post pictures of the finished product so that I can sleep at night! :)

The sweater looks beautiful

 the jump manual

fantastic !!! I'm not sure i could do that....
can't wait for the finish cardi !!


Loved the video and the sweater! I just finished my EZ seamless yoke - it was fun. Congrats on yours!

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