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Olympic Knitting



So excited to have ordered mine. I've been coveting your camera straps forever! :-)


Those are beautiful! I may have to order one!


I'm not currently in the market for a camera strap, but I'm lovin' your new colorways. Nice!

Laurie L.

Sadly today I went to order one and they are all gone! At least that's what it says. Is it possible to order one with greens, browns, and blues, no flowers? Please please please?

beth billups

we are looking forward to watching the opening ceremony with some fresh popped popcorn. have a great weekend!



Here's to charming fourth tries, next time 'round...
(Lovely, as always!)

Little Island In The Med

Missed it again - Keep sewing!


Colorway 16 is my favorite. Make more...


Any more camera straps in the near future??

Erin | house on hill road

I'll probably add some in about a month, Aimee.  I'll announce it on the blog about a week before they go in the shop.  Thanks for your interest.

urban craft

cute design! Oh, and love love the V-day sucker photos. well done!


oh darn it - I missed them again :(

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