Fine art in sidewalk chalk
The better part of ten yards



Wow, oh so pretty. I love the little vessels hey are in.


i love. love love. i want the whole series on my wall. in the kitchen. love. (and suddenly regretting that i bought the yellow ones. must go back for more.)

Lisa Clarke

Enjoy them :-)

heather smith jones

I like this idea of photographing the same flowers from day to day. So pretty Erin! Did you put any in K.'s room? Maybe it'll help her feel better.

Molly Irwin

I've never seen the pink. never! only orange and yellow. They're perfect with the soft turquoise.


wow! nicely captured. they are all beautiful erin.

Sarah :: greenclogs


are those Melissa's egg vases? I love them.




Ranunculus are my favorite flowers! Gorgeous!

Mama Urchin

Your windowsill and mine are twins except I have Melissa's white vases. I need to find some pretty flowers though. I hope everyone is feeling better.


Just lovely! Spring really is coming!


I need to remember to plant some of these. Love the pink and aqua together!


The last so well. I love the little "robin's egg" vases.


gorgeous. thank you for sharing -- I LOVE studies like this :)


So beautiful! Thank you for posting them!

Erin | house on hill road

yes, they are melissa's vases!


I just love ranunculus! And they're just gorgeous all lined up along the window.


Gorgeous!!! One of my favorites....

robin meyers

Ranunculus!!! My favorite flower. Had hot pink ones in my wedding. Ever been to the flower fields in Carlsbad, CA? If not, google it. Gorgeous.


I love ranunculus but have never had any luck growing them. The petals of the flowers are numerous and so delicate.


ranunculus make my heart go pitter pat! these photos are just fabulous, real unabashed ranunculus-ness. :)

julianna smith

Absolutely stunning. Those luscious pinks and those creamy greens and blues — I love them all.


i love these and your banner - lovely ruffley pinkness!


delicious pinks!


Bring on Spring!


these are gorgeous.


Such hopeful photos! I love this time of year.

sew katie did

Those wee egg vases are to die for. Who's Melissa? I think I need some Erin!


Gorgeous. This totally makes me want to go out and buy flowers.


I *think* ranunculus are my favorite flower... we don't see them here a whole lot... but someday I'll have a whole yardful anyway! Thank you for the beautiful pictures!

Account Deleted

They are perfection!


what a lovely "study"!
ranunculus are my favorite flowers of all time.
thanks for sharing those with us!


Wow - fabulous!


I love those ranunculas, I just planyed 10 bulbs today, fingers crossed!

Sorry if this is nosy, and I hope this is not creepy, I was reading another blog, this is love forever, and noticed you had posted a comment about coming to London in June? I'm not sure how long you and your family will be in the UK, but if you consider a day trip to Brighton (1 hour on the train) I'd love to buy you and your girls some cake and a coffee or tea! Or I'd even come to London to say hi! Apologies if that sounds creepy.


Thank you for posting these lovely photographs! So spring!


Oh, see, I have been looking at pink Ranunculus through the florist's window all week. And seeing how you have treasured yours makes me feel totally justified in buying some for myself.
So thank you so much for the flowers!

Erin | house on hill road

You are welcome!


You can amortize those ranunculus over a whole 'nother set of eyeballs, because hoo-boy, did I enjoy this series.

amy smart

SOOOoooo pretty. I need to go get some fresh flowers.


That is just the lovelies thing I've seen all month. I need to get some flowers. Today!


Yay, ranunculus! My daughter's first grade class is going on a field trip to the flower fields in Carlsbad next month. I think I'm going to drive down with the preschooler to join them. Beautiful!


Love the little robin's egg vases -- I have a couple of them myself. But where did you get the little brown vessel?

Lori Lewis

I read all these comments to see where I could buy those little robins egg vases. I dont know who melissa is but i really want some of those does she sell them? and if so where? etsy maybe? could you help with a link? thank you Lori

Erin | house on hill road

the little brown vessel is actually a silver shot glass that is in desperate need of polishing!

Erin | house on hill road

of course! melissa is melissa bridgman who makes fabulous pottery.  here's the link to her etsy shop:


Beautiful flowers. They are really cheery. And pink! Don't forget pink.


So amazingly beautiful. Must find some pink ranunculus now. Did you get them at Whole Foods?


Love, love, love this! Thanks for sharing, it makes my heart smile.

Erin | house on hill road

Yes! Whole Foods.

Robyn /  Coffee and Cotton

Thank you for the lovely pics. They make me happy!

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