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Fine art in sidewalk chalk

Chalk 1
Chalk 2
Chalk 3
Chalk 4

It was all her idea.  She thought her sick sister could use some sunshine and drawing with sidewalk chalk wouldn't be too much, would it?  No, not at all.  So while Kate drew flowers and butterflies and practiced her lower case cursive, Jane took out her new favorite book, Looking At Pictures, An Introduction to Art for Young People and got busy doing what she loves to do.  She would have kept drawing if I hadn't made her stop to get ready for soccer practice.

Thank you sun.  Thank you blue skies.  Thank you spring weather.  Thank you Jane.  You are delightful and never cease to amaze me.



So nice Jane. very sweet.


so cool! She did a great job. This reminds me of a festival in Santa Barbara where artists create chalk masterpieces in front of the Santa Barbara Mission:


those are the moments that make it worth everything.
and how wonderful for you that you took the time to appreciate it. and for jane too.

Sarah :: greenclogs

I love it. We need to bust out the sidewalk chalk as soon as the clouds go away. Such a great idea right now.

tara shannon thayer

hi erin,
oh, how i love and recognize this...
a local woman i know has a wonderful line of books about art and artists for kids. you may have seen them already, but i thought i'd point them out. my kids loved them.

love those girls. :-)


that is awesome. the drawing, the well-wishes for her sister, but especially the SUN.
we need more of that!


that's so sweet, its a beautiful picture. Looks like Spring over here today!


That's really neat!


Bless her heart!


It's as if the angel is watching over sweet.


Go Jane! What a sweet one!


a perfect afternoon. and some talent for sure!
love the new header too! (scout helped?) :)

Erin | house on hill road

cool! i'm going to show that to her after school today. thanks!

Erin | house on hill road

thanks for pointing out those books, tara. i hadn't heard of them and am pretty sure that jane would love them.

Erin | house on hill road

yes, that cat had her paw in the banner!


Not only a talented videographer, but a chalk artist, too! How lovely to have sunshine to work under and nice smooth asphalt to work on. Beautiful angel.


How very lovely!


jane is quite the artist! and there's nothing better for a sick girl than sidewalk chalk and sunshine :)


Looks like she inherited her mother's creative flair. What a talented girl!

Those books are wonderful. We have checked them out from the library and they are very popular in homeschool circles. I keep hoping I'll find one at Half Price Books. :)


She's a very talented artist! Your girls seem very sweet to each other :)


Oh simply delightful! She doesn't happen to take commissions does she? Because I know of some sidewalks near me that could use a little cheering up...
(Sadly, too far away, but it's a good thought, don't you think?)

Erin | house on hill road

A great thought, indeed! And if you sent a plane ticket, she'd probably be willing, too!


What a cool idea. How awesome that she makes the connection between the greats, and the work she does. Beautiful. :)

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