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April 17

Thank you for supporting me and my shop, reading this blog, commenting on my posts and sharing in my crafty adventures.  I'd offer you all a baby cinnamon roll, but the girls and I polished them off after riding our bikes to the farmers market on Saturday.  We brought home some yummy greens and radishes and asparagus - almost all of which has been eaten by now.  The garden is growing fast and the CSA is right around the corner.  I love spring and the abundance of good things it brings.

I hope your weekend was filled with delicious treats, too.



you rock, erin. just fyi.

tara thayer

what julia said. xo


Yes, I'm loving this post - I will just pretend I was there ;-)


The rolls look delicious and the greens, yum! I can picture them w/a homemade vinaigrette. Anxiously waiting for the farmers market to open in my neck of the woods


great shot! now you have me itchin' for our farmer's market to open up in a couple weeks!

natalie @ our old southern house

our farmers market doesn't start 'til may (we actually sell our veggies and baked goods there...and shop too!)...i can't wait for it to start!


Equally awaiting the CSA around the corner. Delightful picture.


Great perspective on this photo. Spring is so lovely!


yay to you. and your shop. and to all you do.


oh how I wish our farmer's market would open again! I'm ready for it! Bring it on! Looks like some delicious treats there ;)

sheer whimsy

ooooooh, i LOVE farmers markets, too!!! goodluck with CSA :)


you are so hooked up in this photo


I love the picture. Isn't biking to the grocery store the best?!?


So much abundance lies in everyday life. We just have to be aware of it! Thanks for noticing.

Mary Smith

Spring bliss! And you express it so well!

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