Shop update on Friday



Nice! We're going to be building 2 or 3 of those in the next month.


I got a new car!!! That has been my wish ever since I found out that my in-laws have the exact same make and color of the car I used to drive. Had to wait a few years, but now my wish was granted!


yes! i mentioned that on easter that my waffle iron was broken, and my mother-in-law gave me her old one. we're pretty thrilled to have waffles for breakfast again. after all, it's the little things that make life good. happy planting!


Yay! What kind of wood did you use?

Erin | house on hill road

we just used untreated lumber - same as for the ones we built last year. i'd love cedar, but that is a bigger investment than i am willing to make right now.


I have been wishing for these for the last month:) The only problem is I can't decide what I should do to keep the rabbits out of them. Any suggestions?


None. But I'm still hoping!


Not yet, still waiting for our family room to be painted!


Is the cardboard in the background destined for the recycling center, or will you use it as sheet mulch at the bottom of your raised bed? It helps suppress the grass. It can also be used to sheet mulch in perennial gardens - a great way to use your cardboard resources onsite!

Tracee Dawn

Yes! I got my clothesline, after waiting five years. Ahh, clothes on the line....


Wonderful! I also got a wish...a little boy sat and shared his heart with me over colored eggs. You can read it here:


Awesome! I spent the morning digging and shoveling and getting raised beds ready--only a couple more weeks until we plant!


We built another raised bed today too. You look so cute in that photo!

Within 2 weeks my husband (love him!!) made me a compost bin, 1 raised garden bed, and a platform toddler bed! ALL of them on my wish list!

Mary Smith

I wish for one of your camera straps. Do you think you might have some in the shop soon, or could I order one from you?

Erin | house on hill road

Hi Mary - The shop will be updated this week!  Details will follow.


I made the mistake of telling my husband "I wish we could move somewhere I can get lost" since at the time I lived in the same I grew up in.
I got my wish and moved 6,000 miles away to Japan and I love it here! Getting lost is part of the adventure!


oh... i got my wish... CINNAMON chips! :) xx


It's great to get your wish. I finally talked my husband into a small vegetable garden. I'm looking forward to it.


Yes! King Arthur Flour posted an entry on grilled veggie stromboli on their blog. I know it sounds silly but it is just what I'd like to make. Enjoy your garden!


Beautiful garden and raised beds your family is making there. Hoping you get the critter problems under control.

My husband helped plant a plum tree and potatoes this weekend for me. And recently we've ripped up out carpeting in our house to get down to those gorgeous hardwoods that i knew were down there. It took 9 years, but he finally relented. :o)


Yeah for you! :o) I had a similar wish - a little vegetable patch in the tiny garden we have. My dad helped me a lot and now I have tiny rows of spinach, peas, beetroot, salad, and mangel. Do you had the joy of gardening forever or could it be that it is a thing of grown ups? I can not remember that I was craving for planting and so a few years ago, but now, I look after my flowers and seeded stuff with such a big bliss ... funny. Wish you a very good garden weather - greetings from Germany *

Mousy Brown

My wish was for some sun and we finally seem to have some! Ps I have linked to your hand scrub - just what I needed after a weekend in the garden - Thanks! :D


Yep...the hill behind our the house is coming up daffodils and tulips and the garden prep is coming along.

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