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April 7

We went to Florida for a long weekend. The weather was glorious and it was nice to spend time with family.  I read two books and took naps.  All good stuff.

When we arrived home, I began inspecting all that had happened while we were gone.  The peas have sprouted and so has the chard.  I'm still waiting on the potatoes.  And construction wise, the floor is keyed in and some drywall was finished among other things.  Progress all around.

I may have found my sewing mojo.  I'm not sure if spring's arrival or the time away that did it and it doesn't matter as long as it stays around for a while.  I spent some time working on a little project yesterday and am so charmed with the results.  It's been a long while since I have felt that way.  Too long.  I felt energized and I felt creative.  Do you know that feeling?  That creative spark that just makes you want to keep going, keep doing, keep making?  I'm rolling with it.  It'll be exciting to see what develops.

And I am going to restock the shop next Thursday, April 15th.  More details on that next week.

Thanks for stopping by.  I don't say it often enough, but I really do appreciate your visits and thoughtful comments.

Back here soon.



beautiful erin!!! i'm looking for my mojo but need to dust off my machine first. :)


Welcome back!


Welcome back, we missed you and your constant inspiration!


welcome home! i'm loving the red and aqua fabric!


Glad to see you. The blocks look lovely.

Erin Eckernode

oh, I LOVE that block. That fabric is awesome!!


love your blocks!! the colors are divine!! :)


i was wondering if your peas had sprouted yet - i think i planted mine just days after yours and i just noticed this week that they are poking their little heads through the dirt. now if only my chickens will leave them alone! love your squares. you have such great fabric! and i love that creative mojo. i tend to get it more often in the fall. come spring, i just want to be outside! as long as it doesn't get too hot, i suppose i can always knit or crochet outdoors (if i can keep my hands out of the dirt so as to not soil my project!).


Erin, these are so pretty! The colors and fabrics are perfect together.

Little Island In The Med

Please let there me some camera straps! My sister has one (a gift from me) and I missed the boat...

Sarah Jackson

I'm sure you know how I feel about that pinwheel square with the blue, red, pink and white. sigh....

Yay for creativity! I'm feeling it, but am still too caught up in baby snuggles to do much about it yet. Soon, I hope. Enjoy!


It's hard to look at those beautiful fabrics and NOT feel inspired! Knitting has been my go-to hobby of choice lately, but I think my sewing machine is needing some attention. I'll be watching here to see what you've come up with!


Welcome back, can't wait to check out your shop. I am new to your blog!


Glad you're back. Your site inspires me!


yay for sewing mojo returning! yipee!

Mama Urchin

I'm so glad you had a great trip. I could use two naps :)

Sarah @ Cotton Kiwi

Welcome home. Sounds like a wonderful trip. I could do with a couple of books and a few naps myself! Fantastic that you have found your sewing mojo. That blue and red combination is my favourite colour combo and I particularly love the tiny red and white drawing print and the apples. Can't wait to see it all finished!


The block is beautiful and so is the fabric :)


I've spent many nights up until 3 and 4am because creative spark struck... its just easier going with it than walking away and no longer having it when you come back!


I too have been hit by the creative spark!!! I have been creating at the expense of focusing on my final paper for my master's oral exam on Tuesday. Time to get back to work. I really hope the creative spirit does not fade while I finish with other things. Your blog always gives me great inspiration!!!

dani@little fists


I've been so tired/busy, I'm wondering if my mojo still likes me.

Lisa Clarke

Oh, I do know that feeling and I love every bit of it! Have a prolific weekend! :-)


Have you read 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women? There is one in there about the eb and flow of creativity, and when it's gone, it isn't lost forever! Glad it's back! I want to sew, but I'm too in love with outside right now! :)


Welcome back. I'm still looking for the creativity to come back and am so inspired by those who are in the grove, like you.


Just had to leave a comment, for once, and say thanks for your inspiration! :)


yay for trips to florida... sewing...peas... and WEEKENDS! xx


This is so lovely! I know what you mean about the creative spark, and I puzzle over it.

I am trying to get some big writing projects done, and all of the guides out there say to write every day, whether you feel the spark or not. I've seen some recommend writing for a set time and not wearing yourself out even if you feel the spark, since otherwise you might end up burnt out for days. I just don't know if that is true, probably because writing is so hard for me.

To make it worse, sometimes after my son goes to sleep I'll stay up late to finish a craft project, and then think, why I am not as driven on that chapter...

In any case, I find you inspiring! I am currently tempted by the picnic blanket idea. Perhaps I'll buy the supplies as a birthday gift for myself. I've started a couple quilts but not finished them. Perhaps this would do the trick.


every year I get excited when things begin to sprout. Season after season the same thing and still we wait with anticipation and then one day there it is a little blade that tells us we will have food again this year. Creation came with that promise. Yes, I love it when that sewing inspiration hits. Take care.


pretty work here!
we aren't in the garden just yet, but soon! happy weekend!


Your posts are always so uplifting.
And I want some of my sewing mojo back.


Welcome back! I am loving your color choices on whatever it is you're sewing.

Modern Crush

Love those colors together... one of my favorite combinations <3

Mary Ann

Loving those blocks and looking forward to what they end up in.

Vintage Chica

Such pretty prints in that block. So glad you all had a great trip!


I would really like to know where I could find that pink and red apple print.... is it new? Very nice!

Sarah @ Cotton Kiwi

Hi Erin. I know you are crazily busy at the moment but I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for a sunshine award over on my blog ( for all the wonderful inspiration you have given me over the last couple of years. Thanks.


Sometimes all it takes is a well deserved break. Your block looks great!

Erin | house on hill road

it's a sandi henderson print - not sure of the name. it's been out for awhile.  i think it's part of her farmer's market line. sorry i can't be more helpful!


Love those colors! Can't wait to see how it turns out!


Hi Erin! I have my sewing mojo right now too and have not been on the computer as much. What a surprise to find not one, but three posts on your blog. Yay!

Your blocks are adorable. That is a pretty color combo!

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