Book Review & Giveaway: Comfort Knitting & Crochet Afghans

Scrap bags!

Scrap bags

Scrap bag 3
I am pretty amazed at the amount of fabric scraps that I have amassed over the last few years.  In an effort to lighten the load, make room for other fabric and begin collecting again, I just added a slew of scrap bags to the shop.  They are gallon sized bags stuffed with mostly quilting fabrics - some have linen or silk or wool scraps thrown in too.  You'll find Denyse Schmidt, Amy Butler, Heather Ross, Heather Bailey, Anna Maria Horner and other designer fabrics and some Japanese imports too.

Now to finish cleaning the rest of the studio...

Don't forget to comment on yesterday's post before 3 pm today if you want a chance to win Comfort Knitting and Crochet Afghans.  I'll announce the winner on Monday.

Happy weekend!


Sarah Jackson

now that is a lot of scrap fabric! I feel much better about mine now. :)


great idea, erin!
you are inspiring me to do some spring purging.


that's a lot of scrap!


holy frijoles, I think you're sold out. Have to be quicker on the draw!!

BTW, a good friend who has admired my (your) camera strap for ages bought the last one from your most recent bunch, and she's happier than a clam.


holy crap. ditto to what sarah said- i'm feeling better about all of my scraps!

Kaye Prince

Oh no, I think they're all gone! I just tried to buy one and it says the last one is being sad, I love scraps!


Darn, I am too late. What a fun idea.


Even scraps can bless others! Great idea, Erin!


fyi--I spoke too soon! I think there's still more (at least, my order just went through). I think if someone else is trying to buy at the same time, it says they're all gone. So try your luck again!


I take this back--see my comment below--I just think the shop handles one customer at a time.


Yeah scraps!!!

PS- If anyone is reading this they are still available! :)

Steph W

I'm in the midst of a move and putting stuff in boxes and so I'll wish eveyone else good luck!


ooh goody! I've been looking forward to these ever since you first mentioned bagging them up, can't wait to see mine. Thanks Erin

Mama Urchin

You weren't kidding that you have a lot of scraps. I recognize some fabrics in there :)


I've got an old pair of Liberty overalls with badly frayed straps. I ordered a bag and am going to try to do patchwork straps.


oh, so sad -- all sold out!! these are awesome. if you have more, let me know!

Erin | house on hill road

there is one bag left! i just checked.


Amazing amount of scraps! And what a good idea to sell them. Lord knows I could stand to do the same thing :)


Oh, hooray! I thought there was something wrong with my browser. Nope, just my timing.


Wow! That was a lot of scrap bags - and I missed it!! Hmmm... maybe a sign I should work with what I already have here?! :)


oooooooooh, I was too late for a scrap bag and they looked good! :)


I guess I missed it:( Maybe next time!

sew katie did

That's so fun! I drag my bins into my Improv classes and let my students go crazy!


isn't it crazy how once you start bagging them, they just keep coming? when does the pile end? funny how that works.


what pretty scraps you have! or should i say HAD. good for you for making room for more. :)

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