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Shop update on Friday

April 11 2

That is a whole pile of happy, if you ask me.

I had planned on updating the shop on Thursday, but a quick consult of the calendar alerted me that I can't be home in front of the computer.  So Friday it will be.  Friday, April 16 at 12:00 noon EST to be exact.  Expect at least three colorways of camera straps and, if I really get my act together, scrap bags.

Now I need to figure out how I am going to keep the critters out of my raised beds.  I didn't have that problem last summer, but something(s) had fun digging in there last night.  I don't think I lost anything, but I don't want to either! Time for chicken wire, I think.

Hope Monday is treating you fine.



The next time you update your shop please, please, please include some of the adorable potholders you make. I am in love with them!


I would love to have a guitar strap!
Are they grown-up sized?
If not, I am a short lady, I could probably make it work.


ooh I can't wait. Do I see heather bailey nicey jane fabric in that pile..


Scrap bags - yummy!


Very nice fabrics!

Have a creative day.


for the critters, you may want to try some tobasco sauce mixed with water. put it in a spray bottle and spray on dirt and plants - fairly liberally and often at first. it has worked for me to deter things like squirrels and chipmunks.


I have twice already caught neighborhood cats doing their business in my raised beds. I ran out and yelled at them like a crazy woman. Good luck with your critter control!


And cayenne pepper sprinkled generously in beds can help with critters. I would be thrilled to get a scrap bag!


I'm definitely one of your new subscribers/readers. I LOVE the stuff you make and I can't believe you make everything yourself! I'm a new sewer, just got my sewing machine last week! I'm excited, and want to get good, but just don't have the time I want to have, to practice.


yeah, that's happy!
you are really getting things done!


I'm eager to see what you have. Have a great day, Erin.


oh what wonderful eye candy!


I'm three for three on shop updates and sell-outs. Here's to hoping I remember, tomorrow... (oh, how i long for thee, colorful camera strap!) btw, good luck on those pesky critters.


I would so love to purchase one of your scrap bags.

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