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May 27



Those hydrangeas came from my mother's yard. She divided them, my brother drove them from Chicago to Kentucky.  Fatty planted them in our yard.  And now a little piece of my other home is at this home.  And I love that.

Carrots need to be thinned.  I did that a week ago and was disappointed to see white, spindly, root-like things.  I pulled one on a whim yesterday.  And look! I am growing baby carrots!  Fatty ate it. He said it smelled like carrot, but tasted like nothing.  Let's just wait.

Like the carrots, I pulled a pea pod. Yuuuummmm! I'm anticipating a harvest in a week or so.

And geraniums are my favorite annual. I always go for the shocking pink, almost red variety. The distinctive geranium smell is full of memories.  I should tell you about that some time.

I hope your weekend is wonderful.  Ours is off to a good start.  Dinner cooked entirely in the new kitchen and margaritas to boost!



Happy harvesting and happy weekend!
And a 'thumbs up' on geraniums!

Sarah @ Cotton Kiwi

Beautiful post Erin. I love that you have flowers from your Mum's garden too. I have just planted hydrangeas down the side of our house but with winter fast approaching here in the Southern Hemisphere, I am not expecting blooms for a few months yet. I have the same colour geraniums. I took a cutting from an overgrown cottage garden on a decrepit missionaries villa on the coast. It's a single bloom and just gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing more of your gardening pics over your Summer.


I have cuttings from my Mom's raspberry and blackberry plants in my garden.
I also love that connection to my old home.

cloth.paper.string | sarah

i LOVE the hydrangea story. years ago my nana planted some lilacs from the yard of my childhood home in her own. years later, after moving to another property, my parents brought lilacs from my nana's established bushes to their new home. i love the rootedness and connectedness of all of those little purple blossoms.
happy weekending, erin!


I love knowing that about your hydrangeas. And yay for your new kitchen!! Will you post your margarita recipe sometime?

Enjoy your weekend Erin.


it all looks so promising your way! Geraniums remind me of my grandmother, that smell is what does it. She liked red ones, and always called her hydrangea bushes "high geraniums".

Let's see the kitchen!!!


I love hydrangeas - such a pretty flower! And I've been reading your blog for over a year and had no idea you lived in Kentucky. (Which I assume from the "drove them from Chicago to Kentucky" statement.) That's where I live too! :)

Have a wonderful weekend!


I'm enjoying your gardening posts so much. I can't wait for our veggies to get big enough for us to eat :)

melissa f.

carrots!! that's my hope for ours this winter (we'll see). i'm so happy that the kitchen business is wrapping up for you.


wonderful isn't it, food from your own garden! I can't wait for our veggies to come out and try some! enjoy your weekend,


Mama Urchin

I just love having family plants in the garden.


Our carrots from last year's garden were the most delicious ones I've ever tasted. It seemed like they took forever to grow....but were totally worth it! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos! Love the shocking pink geraniums too!

Tara Thayer

i'm with lecia...please share how you do margaritas? it's the one cocktail i would love to be able to make.
and thanks for sharing this garden walk. these photos are lovely. enjoy, erin! xo


Looking so lovely! We're just getting ours planted up here in the Recently Frozen Tundra :-)


Geraniums an annual??!?

They're like weeds here. Common as muck. You just stick a stalk in the ground and they grow. And grow. And grow.
A friend planted a ugly salmon pink one in my garden 10 years ago "to fill in some space". I ripped out the main plant when it started to overtake the garden a couple of years later, but I'm still finding small salmon-coloured plants popping up 7 years later.

Geraniums? You're welcome to them!!


I have peonies from my mom's garden that she gave me. Its special to me, but not as much as it would be like it is for you to have the hydrangeas... my mom lives only 10 minutes away!


Hand-me-down plants are a whole epic, no? We had several bulbs in Seattle that belonged to my great grandfather. They didn't come with us. I'm regretting that right now (maybe I'll go dig 'em up in the dead of night on our next visit!) So lovely, that the hydrangeas made the journey.

Mary Ann

Love the hydrangeas, our are looking great this week too. But they came from the nursery, not much makes the transition from Chicago to LA. Just too much difference in the planting zones.


thanks for all the garden inspiration--you've motivated us to plant our home small flower and veggie garden here in Houston. The Early Girl tomatoes are already coming in fast and the cucumber is trying to take over. I've also got all kinds of wonderful homey memories associated with geraniums--growing up in NJ they were the flower of choice for my parents' patio.


I'm so happy that yards are starting to produce beautiful vegetables and flowers--spring, spring, spring!

Natalie Singh

Hi I just discovered your blog and had to add you to my reading list: as I also live in a house on Hill Rd - but in England!!

lisa s

we grew carrots over winter... apparently you can keep them in the ground for a very long time - as long as they don't flower they will just get sweeter and bigger :)


Your gardens look beautiful. I am so jealous of your peas! I planted dozens of row feet of them this year, and the deer ate almost every bloom. Hopefully this July-like weather doesn't do yours in!


I love hydrangeas, and I love that these are from your other "home." That's wonderful.

Margaritas! Our weekend was great. I ran a half marathon!


I love geraniums, too. I look forward to hearing your story about them. I have a strong connection to the smell of them as well.


so sweet that you have your parents hydrangeas! and that they are SO healthy!!!
hope you had a great weekend....
can't wait to see that kitchen!!!


I just planted my first hydrenga bush! I so hope it lasts and lasts so that I can give it to my children! It's the bridal variety!

All of this planting is new to me and I'm beginning to really enjoy learning and doing. Yours are very beautiful!

heidi wise, imagewise photography

sounds like a grand weekend to me!



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