For my dad
Kids Clothes Challenge - Days 1 and 2


Sarah Jackson

I'm working on the challenge too. Yesterday was a serious challenge, since I wasn't really home. Hopefully today is better.

The garden looks fantastic!


Fun to read and see your garden! We have two 5 x 20 boxes -- the woodchucks have been a big problem for us, but we're trying again this year with a higher fence.

Sarah @ Cotton Kiwi

Your garden is looking fabulous. I'm doing the challenge too and having a major fight with my serger! There are so many inspirational things happening in the Flickr page though, you can't not get excited by it all! Good luck with making for the rest of the week.


I actually did sew some pajamas and a skirt today but nothing yesterday. I spent too much time messing around on, lol!
Your garden looks awesome!
Also, loving your banner.


your garden looked great! i'm jealous of your pea blossoms - i have nothing on mine.


oh and i just saw your new banner - awesome.


you look adorable.


You are such a cute gardener. xo

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You're garden is beautiful. It's kinda amazing how you keep your garden healthy. To top it all, you are the most adorable gardener ever.

Lydia in Cleveland

your garden is beautiful and lush. do you plant all your vegetables in the boxed off little plot? or are some also in the ground? what kind of soil do you use? and last question: how do you recommend getting rid of cats that come and poop in a lettuce patch? it's nasty to think that what you will be eating might have been pooped on...

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