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Kids Clothes Challenge - Day 3

Kids Clothes Challenge - Days 1 and 2

I mentioned yesterday that this was more challenge and less clothes.  Well, I have myself to blame for that.

First, I should mention that I am not spending much more than an hour working on these clothes each day.  That includes pressing and cutting fabric as well as the sewing.  I have another project in the works and it is taking up a good amount of my free time.  Second, it is difficult for me to sew for my kids and then have to wait until they wake up or get home from school to try things on.  I want to finish these things on my schedule and having to adapt to theirs is a bit frustrating.  It may sound silly, but it's true.  Finally, for this little number, I didn't use a pattern.  I made it up.  Like I said, I am at fault.

Top jane
Jane chose the fabric from my stash.  It's a Lecien print that I've had for a few years and I didn't think I would have enough to make this, but I barely did.  The red straps and red bit at the bottom were design choices by Jane.  She definitely has an opinion and really thinks she can design (thank you, Project Runway).  Anyhow, the band at the top is faced and is a weird shape.  This band is the third version I drafted and it still has problems.  Jane's ok with it and therefore so am I.  I will fix it for Kate's top, though.

Top back
I do like how the back turned out.  The top has a small casing with elastic so it gathers naturally and helps keep the top in place without being fitted.  I think it could be equally as good with a few close rows of shirring.  I may try that on Kate's.

May 11
We needed to add something to the bottom of the shirt to get a little more length because we didn't have enough bird fabric.  I suggested sewing a band of red at the bottom, but Jane came up with the idea of layering the two fabrics.  I think it's a charming hem and a great example of how details can really make a garment sing.  I'm glad the idea was Jane's.  I bet she'll actually wear the shirt seeing as how she helped design it.

Up next, some super simple skirts.  And have you been to the flickr group?  AMAZING.  I'm blown over every time I visit. 



you're good to let your budding designer in on the process. it's pretty darn cute.

Mama Urchin

I love that lecien print. I'm having challenge over here too like I need some elastic. I was planning to get it today but Katie's home sick from school so we won't be going anywhere.


jane! love the layering idea!
so cute, erin.


Adorable! Also Designer Jane needs to get together with Lily and Alice. Lily made her own underpants -- hardcore. But I think Tim Gunn would be impressed. xo


Well done! My week seems to have mainly consisted of cutting out patterns so far, but I'm hoping to have some actual finished stuff to show off tomorrow.


at first glance I thought this was the little strappy top from weekend sewing. It's cute!


so cute! I love that fabric, and from the look on her face she definitely approves, right?


That print is lovely! So summery and pretty.

I'm finding the challenge, er, challenging as well. My baby is teething this week, so sitting down to master buttonholes has been a no-go!

Sarah Jackson

I love it! days one and two were for tracing and cutting around here (and trying to finish a shirt for the mama who has no clothes that fit). Hopefully more progress today!

Can't wait to see Kate's too.


Love the hem, it really is the perfect touch.


Cute fabric and top. I also love the layered look that the red hem gives.


very cute top -- it suits her well. looking forward to seeing your other creations! happy sewing... so we can get some ideas! ;)

I'm with you on the struggle for time! Not only do I have to wait for them to get home but I also have to convince them to actually try it on! "Again?!?!" And take a picture?!?! And then hope that they'll wear it! It was so much easier when they didn't have so many opinions! This "almost a tween" age is a challenge itself! I think I'll jump in late on this challenge and try to come up with something they'll wear...but it can't be pink. And it can't be too girly. And it really should have smocking. And it should look like Justice. And it can't be another skirt. etc. etc. etc....

mama-pan | Mary Frances

great collaboration! I love the layered hem. And I wanted to say thanks again for the scrap bag--it turned out to be just the thing to make one of my kids' clothes week projects happen:


I just love this. You have inspired me to sew more than just pj's for my kids this year. Thanks for the inspiration!


So cute! It always helps to get the wearer involved in choosing the fabric! Gorgeous quilt!


That is one of my all-time favorite fabrics and I hoard mine and then carefully dose it out on small projects. :)


PS: The top is, since I forgot to say it, EXTREMELY cute.


So cute! It is fun when they (kids) want to have input on the sewing projects. Part of me misses when I got to make all the decisions, though! (However, it would be awful if they didn't want me to sew for them, so I really can't complain, right?) Can't wait to see more!

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