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Martini glasses

I expect things to be quiet around the blog for a few weeks.  Life is busy and full and crazy at times and I'm living it.  I'm driving my kids around town and watching swim practices and missing their golf for the second time in two weeks.  We've been hanging out with good friends, drinking beer and chasing fire flies.  I brought the sewing machine downstairs because it is too flipping hot on the third floor even with the AC.  And while I am happy stitching away, it's the secret kind of sewing which is fun and not fun at the same time.  What I'd really like to do is start a new quilt and see it through to the end.  I did get everything put back in the kitchen, but the house is still messy and there are huge piles of laundry mocking me at every turn.  I have found that plying my kids with the promise of a playdate gets them to clean their rooms so there's that.  I have a very large basket of peaches that needs dealing with. The garden is sprouting weeds and vegetables that need to be harvested. We did eat what was left of the peas on Saturday night, straight out of the colander before they even made their way in the house.  Kate even liked them and so maybe raw peas taste better to her than cooked ones? Who knows?  And we might be getting a dog.  Scratch that.  We are getting a dog.  Her name is Hazel.  We met her tonight and she is wonderful.  Then there are those martini glasses.  Keep or give away?  I'm on the fence, but I did put them away so I guess it's keep for now.

So yeah, quiet on the blog means never a dull moment around here.  I'm good with that.  See you soon.



Peaches, already?! Dump the laundry on 'em, I say, and that'll take care of at least one source of obligation.

Enjoy your new addition, and summer days, and maybe just fill those martini glasses right on up...

Erin | house on hill road

i guess i should specify that the peaches came from north carolina - a gift from a friend!


It all sounds wonderful, Erin. Happy summer days!!


too hot here to go upstairs. too hot to run the kiln. too hot, too hot.
congratulations on the dog!


keep the can make special Mocktails for all your pregnant friends who come over in your Life...nothing lovlier than drinking a non-alcholic drink from a Martini glass!
Did I persuade you?

Have a fun being busy...

Natalie VV

Once they are clean... then definitely keep!


i loved this post. life is life sometimes. i am excited to see your secret sewing when you unveil it (hopefully)

enjoy your summer.

Natalie VV

I guess that can apply to children that clean too... keep 'em!


LOVE LOVE LOVE the name Hazel!!!! That was always on our list of names ... Mabel and Hazel. As you know, we took Mabel. Am so excited to meet Hazel.


so good. hooray for hazel! and for busyness. good times. xo.


I canned a batch of peaches last season and threw them out this year. They all turned brown. My mom said they were fine but I just couldn't eat or serve brown peaches. Maybe this year it will be jam.

Quilts by Q

Enjoy the precious times with your kids. Summer is a good time for family and having fun around the house. Have a good one!


Congrats on your dog! Is this your first one? OUr is my first one and I can't imagine our lives without her (thinking back to pre-pup times seems so dull and empty - What did we do all day?). Hazel is a great name.

Enjoy the peaches :)


yay to the dog! and to busy-ness as well. we are embracing it all too ;) xo

beth billups

am so busy moving cross country for the second time in a year i was panning to live vicariously through blogs....well, i'm looking forward to meeting your pup!


As a kid, I hated cooked peas, but loved the raw fresh-from-the-garden ones.

tara thayer

i definitely need to know more about the dog.


congrats on your new family member! xx


Sounds a lot like summer.

Congrats on Hazel! We just rescued a new pup that we named Stella. You can see her adorable pics on my blog.

I get so many compliments on my camera strap!


yay! hazel!!!!
so excited to get to meet her!

Account Deleted

Look forward to pics of Hazel. About the heat...I've started tp pretend I like it... orks some of the time.

Mama Urchin

we got rid of our martini glasses, we never have them and they are big


its really the way summer kind of is, right. We expect quiet and lazy, but usually get the opposite. Keep those martini glasses, invent a new martini for summer evenings. xo

heather smith jones

I'm so happy you're getting Hazel, she looks like she is so sweet. I bet she and Scout will become good friends once they get used to one another.


I like the name Hazel - I briefly considered it for Ruby, but I had an Aunt Hazel, so that was kind fo weird :)
Enjoy life, Erin, it goes by so fast!
I have that quilt idea too, but can't seem to find the time to even start it!
P.S. you never know when you'll need those martini this past weekend in my case when i decided to make cantaloupe martinis for friends and had to serve them in stemless wine glasses because all my martini glasses had been broken. Of course, if i still had in tact martini glasses, i have no idea where i would put them!


when do we see pictures of hazel??!! so excited. sounds like a great summer so far. xo.


Enjoy your busy! Can't wait to see Hazel!


Congratulations on the dog. I love the name Hazel and can't wait to see pictures. I say keep the glasses. Drinks always taste better infancy glasses.

minnesota:madre | Sarah Jane

Where did you put the sewing machine? Our third floor is a roaster, too! Dining room? Bedroom? Where will it fit?


replace the martini glasses with the stemless ones, they don't break so easily, are better to store, and you still get to drink martinis yay!


glad you moved the sewing machine down, you can't sew if you are hot!! Keep the martini glasses - you can use them for soo many different things!!! Drinks, desserts, candles,...etc.... the possibilities are endless!!!

Congrats on the dog can't wait to see pics!


I can so relate! Our summer is busy and fun and spontaneous and hot. But best of all, it's good. I'm glad you are enjoying yours.


Sounds as if you're having a great summer! Enjoy it! Wish ours would start! Four more days!!

Pam - captured by our cameras

I'm eager to see pictures of Hazel. We have a new puppy in our family I can't think of a better way to kick off summer.


Enjoy your summer! The blog will always be there! I love your posts and will miss you when you are absent. Glad you have some heat. Here is Seattle we are still awaiting summer! Take care


Oh keep! I serve desserts in my martini glasses - christmas pudding and marmalade icecream.

Linda Urban

I'm anti-keep. The martini glasses are lovely, yes, but I have just sent ours to the Good Will -- it wasn't worth storing them for the three or four times a year we use them. Perhaps I will regret that, but right now I feel lighter for it.

And hooray for Hazel! I look forward to many photos.


keep the glasses and make martinis!


Life is often a bit overwhelming in the summer!

Yes, peas are better right from the shell.

Laurie Bertrand

I hope you find a few moments of quiet in all the busyness!


keep the martini glasses. serve sorbet in them. peach sorbet perhaps? i prefer raw peas as well, though i did give cooked peas a chance after listening to the pea podcast over at spilled milk. can't wait to see hazel. funny thing - hazel is my mother-in-law's mother's name. when i met my husband, his family had a dog named molly.

mama-pan | mary frances

all of the old ladies on our street are named Hazel, except for the one named Jean. It's a great name and I'm excited for your family! thanks as always for sharing and writing--glad to hear things are fun and full, like summer should be.


Can you regift the glasses? Then it's not quite so painful to get rid of them. Back in the Sex and the City days I made cranberry liquer (how the heck do you spell that?) for my female family and closest friends, packaged it in a cute bottle and gave it to them with a pair of martini glasses. It didn't take much time at all and it was a fun to do for everyone. Maybe you could pair them with a fun summertime drink base and send them to friends with a cheers to summer note. Have loads of fun with the pup - that's what summers are all about.

Mary Smith

Sometimes great things are going on and there's just no time to blog about it. Here, here!

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