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I know I just said I'd be gone for awhile, but then something happened that I think is blog worthy, so here I am.  Are you all familiar with Gwyneth Paltrow's newsletter, GOOP?  I don't remember how I was turned onto it, but I have been subscribing for awhile now.  Yesterday, this little gem landed in my inbox.  The timing could not have been more perfect:  I was just looking for something to make for dinner.  Shrimp tacos, anyone?

Shrimp tacos 2 

Shrimp tacos 1 

June 3

They were fantastically fresh, simple and easy - all things I like in a meal.  I didn't follow the recipe.  Instead, I watched the video and I enjoyed how Gwyneth just showed you what to do.  Really, nothing needed to be precise.  I opted out of the guacamole because the avocado I had wasn't ripe and substituted green for red with the jalapeno and red for white with the onion.  Otherwise, I just followed her lead.  It was a great meal for us because Jane, who is allergic to shellfish, could still make herself veggie tacos while us other three ate the shrimp.  We were all members of the clean plate club.  Thumbs up all around!

Have a great weekend.


heather smith jones

I had no idea about GOOP, crazy. Thanks for the lead Erin. I hope you have a great weekend too!


looks good! I am hoarding my gulf shrimp right now- buying it whenever I see it and stashing it away. I love love shrimp but am trying to be sparing with it.


Love GOOP- I'm making the black beans as we speak to go with pork tacos tonight.

minnesota:madre | Sarah Jane

Yum, yum! Thanks.

Mary-- The Yellow Door Paperie

I get it and it was so yummy this week, wasn't it?


I love getting that newsletter, I can pretend that Gwyneth and I are best friends!


what a great meal! have a good weekend and so happy for you and a new kitchen!

lisa s

had no idea about GOOP. heh heh . saying the name just makes me giggle.

yay for easy dinners !


mmmm...I think I just found dinner! Wishing I had stuff to make salsa; guess we'll have to make do. :)


And yours looks quite delicious! I was watching her video earlier and loved the simplicity of it . . . of course, I just love taco anything!


I didn't - but now I do!! Thanks for putting me on to it.

dani@little fists

I'm a closet GOOP lover.

Looks delish...

natalie @ our old southern house

bring some over to my house, hehe.
just the ingredients look DELISH!!!!


They sound wonderful. I had never heard of GOOP but need to check that out.

I am new to your blog and love it. We are up to much of the same as you now that summer break is here.



I saw those! I am assuming they are as good as they looked (I would have eaten either kid or adult version).


I love Goop and saw that. But I think I love Gwyneth even more. She's so loveable.

Happy Weekend, Erin!


Jacqueline Jones-Blacker

These were delicious! Living on the Florida Gulf coast, we are savoring each and every gulf shrimp we eat these days and saying prayers for our coastline. Thank you for reminding me of GOOP.


Indiana Lori

I didn't Goop before, but I certainly do now! After much searching for healthy school lunches, I found an entire list on Goop that my daughters would love to eat. They'll eat anything, but the JUNK served in America's schools, thank God. Gwyneth is so awesome. Thanks for the link!


I've subscribed to GOOP for quite awhile. I like to pretend that I'm wealthy enough to afford half of the restaurants, cleanses, etc. that she recommends! I loved her easy dinner this week and the amazing Nashville remodel last week.

Erin | house on hill road

i loved that re-do too. see you next month!


Thanks for the tip! I just signed up. I thought she had a bunch of fun content...

Nicole aka Gidget

Love GOOP! Recently made the granola bars she shared the recipe for and they were a hit!


looove goop.. and gwyneth.

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