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So about the dog....


Habit july 1

Habit july 2

Habit july 3

Habit july 5

Habit is one of my daily reads. Molly and Emily started this project 18 months ago and I was lucky enough to be their guest in March 2009.  This month, they have invited everyone to play along.  There is a flickr pool for uploading your own habit photo with 30 words or less each day.  There is something special about this collaboration and to see it multiplied and magnified each day on flickr is amazing to me.  I'm joining in again because, really, how could I not?  It's magic.

I hope you'll join me.



It really is wonderful! I am so enjoying playing along.


It is really fun that they opened it up to everyone. It's the only way I'd get to join in. ;)


thanks, you. (got your message. talk tomorrow.) and i'm so glad you're playing along, you know. xo.

Account Deleted

i too am thrilled about this next month of habit. and i love the little peek of your new kitchen. we just finished ours, and have white subway too. i love love love it.

Michele H.

the last few days have been so great. i really do love this idea!

by the way...those drinks look mighty tasty:)


i found those same pitchers with lemonn on them at a garage sale last summer- i love them!!!


Habit is really conducive to a certain intimacy that you don't always get to see in the online world. It's a really special place.

City Farm Girl (Jenn)

I always feel so inspired after reading them... like I've been allowed a very special peek into amazing lives.

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