I never thought I'd get this excited about a bathroom
And the winners are....

Four years and five days plus a giveaway

Fabric stacks

I've been organizing the studio and I've officially run out of room for the fabric.  Seriously, all the shelves are full and there is still some to put away.

And Sunday was the four year anniversary of the start of this blog. Holy smokes, does time ever fly!

So, in celebration of the last four years and five days of House on Hill Road and all the support you have given me along the way, I'm giving away fabric.  (See how that works?).  Leave a comment on this post before Sunday, August 22 at 5:00 p.m. EST and I will enter your name in the random number generator's pot for one of four fabric stacks.  If you are among the lucky four winners, I will ask you a few questions about your fabric and color likes and dislikes and then put together a stack just for you.  Yes, you get some say in the matter!  I'm thinking it'll be about 1 to 1 1/2 yards per stack, maybe with some trims and other surprises for good measure.  Sound good?

To be clear, you are not in a drawing for the ten lovely piles as shown above.  And you must check back on Monday morning to see if you won.  I will not be emailing the winners - logistically, it is very hard to do.

OK then.  Back here on Monday! Happy weekend to you all!



Well, how very generous of you.
Count me in please. I can't seem to get enough of the stuff.

Congrats on the blogiversary.
Love your space.


Congrats on four years! And thank you for the generous give-away.

Lillian C.

Thanks for the giveaway. Four years is a long time to be blogging. Congratulations! Keep it up! : )


Congratulations on four years of sharing your life! Count me in on your give-away. Who wouldn't love some beautiful fabric?


What a great idea! I don't really have room for more fabric, either, but if it were given to me...



4 years! happy blogiversary erin. i am so happy that you are here :)


Wow! Congrats on four years! I would love to win some lovely fabric. Thanks for the chance!


yay, fun!

Mama Urchin

Have a great weekend Erin and happy bloggy birthday!

Sarah Jackson

Those piles really are lovely. And four years? I'm impressed. I think I passed 3 in May. I should pay better attention.

Plain Jane Quilts

Happy Birthday! Are blue and green your favorite colors? Your stash seems to suggest that (as does mine)!


Congratulations! Have you gone through to see how far your blog has come?


congrats! i've been a reader for over 3 of those years:) thanks for so much sharing and inspiration!

Julie Alvarez

You have always such a fantastic fabric choices in your creations and photos, that I am sure that I would love everything that you plan to give away!
(Every person that knows me a little, and sees me with your camera strap on, tells me the same: "It is SO Julie!")

Amy Hodge

Your fabric piles look so beautiful! And it's so great for you to do a giveaway. Thanks!!


Oh, wow! Your fabric looks gorgeous, and I love seeing stashes all organised. My stashes (yarn and fabric) are both in boxes under my bed, because we have nowhere good to keep them out. I'm a relatively new reader to your blog, but it's firmly on my watch list.

Sarah H.

That is a lovely giveaway! I can't imagine running out of room for fabric, but there are certainly worse problems to have.

Congrats on four years - that is a great accomplishment.


This blog inspired me to relearn how to sew. The best part, my mom was my teacher this time around. It's been a great addiction (because I am addicted to it and fabric)! Thanks and happy anniversary!


You have some beautiful looking fabrics!! Love to read your blog - 4 years - WOW!

Christine M.

How lovely. Happy Blog Birthday. A very generous give away. Thank you.

Natalie Putnam

WOW! I love fabric :)


Congratulations on your blogiversary...and on your nicely organized shelves! Thanks for the chance to win!

gina f.

Happy Anniversary!! It cracked me up when you said the giveaway was not for all 10 stacks of fabric! Have a good weekend and thanks for a chance to win.

Amber  Carrillo

Wow 4 years - amazing! Love your blog - and congrats on the organization...I am trying to do the same.

Amanda P

Wow, I wish my stash looked half as good as that...congrats on taking so much time and organizing! Could you come to my house?


Happy Blogiversary! Time does fly - part of the reason that capturing these beautiful moments in the day is so special. And yay for organizing - doesn't it feel great when everything has a place again (even if it doesn't last nearly as long as we'd like). What a generous giveaway - count me in!


Thanks for the chance to win! I love fabric!

minnesota:madre | Sarah Jane

Happy anniversary! Your beautiful sewing, knitting, garden and stories are a favorite.


Thanks for the giveaway and for such a lovely place to visit online.

Jenna C.

congrats on your anniversary! i love reading this blog, and looking at your pictures. thanks for the giveaway too!


Parabéns (Congrats in portuguese)!!!
fingers crossing trought the weekend! :)


happy blogiversary! thanks for the chance to win!


Congratulations on your 4 years. What an amazing giveaway.


i can never resist piles of fabric! i've recently cleaned my shelves (though they need another round) and i have a bit of space for some things new.

your stash looks really really nice.


Congrats on 4 years! WOW :)
And what a generous giveaway!


congratulations on 4 years!

Jill B

Would love a stack to incorporate into one of my projects-in-planning (or to create a new one).


Yay for four years!!

Thanks for the give away! Who could say no to fabric?1


what a generous way to celebrate your 4 year. thanks for giveaway!


How very sweet of you! Thanks:) Happy Blog Birthday!


Yay! Thanks so much and congrats on four great years! I'm celebrating my first this weekend and it's been quite a ride!


congratulations on four years...that seems like ages in blog life...ummm, wonder what that is in dog years? love your threaded buttons in the banner...and of course love the idea of a bundle of fabric too!

Anna L.

How exciting! Congrats on 4 great years of blogging!


wow, my very own fabric stack! thank you for the giveaway and happy four years to you :)


I'd love to win, even though I don't have tons of empty space for fabric either.


Wow! Four years is pretty impressive.


Big congrats to you! I've loved visiting your blog and seeing photos of your projects, your home, and your family. Thank you for such a nice giveaway!


Awesome! Congrats!

I think I have been with you for at least two of them!


love it and love fabric!


Congrats on four years! I would definitely love to build my stash with some fabric-I'm on a buying freeze!

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