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A muslin slip not made of muslin

Slip 1

The first day I was in Nashville (more on that soon - I promise!), Anna Maria's right hand gal, Alexia, was wearing the cutest dress.  Turns out it was the slip from the Roundabout Dress pattern (that's Alexia on the cover!) with an added ruffle on the bottom.  Even Fatty commented on the dress which was about all I needed to hear before the pattern jumped in my bag, along with some of that lovely Little Folks voile, to come home with me. 

Before cutting into the voile, I thought I'd make a muslin to use as a nightgown.  Last night I pulled out this Alexander Henry fabric and got started.  I traced the size large and cut it out.  This morning I sewed it all up.  It came together super fast - maybe about 2 1/2 hours including the time last night.  I did have to let out the side seams so that added a bit of time.  It *just* fits in the hips, but is pretty good elsewhere.  As a slip, it would work great.  As a dress, I think I will have to re-work it a bit and add quite a bit of length - it hits mid- to upper thigh.  And that is exactly why I am not modeling it for you all.

I'm going to try it out tonight.  I figure if I don't like sleeping in it, I can cut some of the length off and I will have a new camisole for under cardigans this fall.  In fact, I may just make a few camisoles from this pattern for that very use.

Slip 2

Hands down, my favorite part is all the edge stitching.  I know this might drive some people batty, but for some reason, I love detail sewing like this.

I am trying to get over my fear of sewing for myself.  I've pretty much given it up because I always have fit issues and I hate wasting fabric.  Those are lame excuses.  I'm not going to get better unless I try and if I screw up, I can always use the fabric for something else.

At least that's what I'm telling myself.



Too cute! I love edge stitching too. Especially if I can find the exact color of thread to use.


Great ideas Erin! Love your detailing. So very good. I'm confident you'll make it happen!

Mama Urchin

I have the exact same issues with sewing for myself. Need to get over it.

Sarah Jackson

it's darling! I make shirts for myself, but I'm trying to make some more sophisticated stuff since I have a hard time finding clothes that fit well right now. I need to go look at that pattern. Everything I've made by Anna Maria has been beautiful and fun to sew.

chris carleton

I love it, Erin. I have some of the same issues and I need to Get. Over. It. Those silly girls keep outgrowing the stuff I make them and I hate packing it away.

The extra detail is superb. Top stitching rocks my socks. Go girl. xo

Amy Hodge

Super cute!


The nightgown is so pretty! Your edgestitching is so perfect, and I love that fabric choice with your print.

Maybe you knew this, but I want to share about how a slip/dress that I have which has a bit of give to it (thank you very much) because the main part is on the bias. The bias gives a lot more than either the lengthwise or widthwise, and the slip has a bit of swing due to the bias too. It might take more fabric and certain lengths might be impossible? Anyway, food for thought (or muslin!) :)

Krista - Poppyprint

No wonder you love that edge - that is some pretty fabulous close-to-the-edge sewing you've laid down there! I am in the exact same boat re: sewing for myself. I've had the schoolhouse tunic pattern for over a year and still haven't tried it out.

Erin | house on hill road

You are so right, Annri! Bias-cut garments do stretch more and I probably should have mentioned that this is actually on the bias!

Erin in PA

Adorable! I really like the idea of a cami for under cardigans and longer sleeved shirts with that awesome fabric. I too hate making clothes for myself just because I hate spending too much money on fabric for a no guarantee that it's going to turn out the way I want it to -- I have kind of broken that by using sheets, but I can only have so many pj bottoms! I can make skirts and pajama bottoms for myself- it's the tops that never work with my shape!

Vintage Chica

Im with Erin (directly above), love the cami under cardigans for fall...love it!


very cute! i may need to check this one out...i've been sewing a few things for myself lately.

Molly Irwin

so cute, Erin. love it.

Rachel at Stitched in Color

Here, here for trying and learning and trying again!


How smart to make a nightgown first. I hope it fits as well as it is made--just wonderfully.


beautiful. I'm with ya on the sewing for yourself, it's always so much fabric and the fit is always something I worry about. just bought that pattern and I'm so excited to get me some innocent crush!


I love it!


I have the same fears! Maybe you will motivate me.


You did a great job....both at the slip and for inspiring me!


How did it work out? I'm at home today, and maybe I'll pull mine out. Though I could finish my sewing workshop write up, or the muslin for my empire evening dress...

Erin | house on hill road

I ended up not sleeping in it because the straps need some adjustment. I'm going to make another muslin in the XL to see of that fits better. I think I am between sizes, really. There isn't much ease in the slip. I might have to do a full bust adjustment too. Hopefully I'll get to it this weekend.


a beautiful "muslin"! the edge stitching makes me happy too, I love those kind of detailed steps. feel free to e-mail me if you need any help altering the pattern!

Erin | house on hill road

thank alexia! i appreciate that.


Another really cute item! Did you make your bias trim?

Erin | house on hill road

yes, i did! i love gingham on the bias.

julianna smith

So pretty!! I have fit issues, too, and it just about pushes me over the edge when I spend so much time (and $$) on things that don't work out! Love this though--so simple.


It's so pretty! I love it. I am only starting to sew for myself as well.

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