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September 23

It's two days into fall.

The temperature is still in the 90's.

The garden is still producing lots of tomatoes, even without rain and without watering.

We managed to harvest a few potatoes.  Note to self: the fingerlings failed.

My silver flip flops have a little life left in them yet.

But I'm ready for sweaters and boots.



warm through the weekend here, 70-80, then turning colder. bring on boots! i'm ready!


yep. I know.


I love that you are standing on your chair to take this pic. :)

We're down to a mixture of 70s and 80s. I'm okay with that, because soon the snow will make it impossible to wear my sandals.




first day of fall, here. hottest day of the "summer", yet. still, september tomatoes are awfully grand.

enjoy the fruit and flip-flop days while they last.

tara thayer

love this photo, and it makes me think i need me some more tomato plants next year.
and an unrelated aside: i bought fall-color m&ms and the girls just came up and got them and said "did she really buy these for us?" i'm not sure what i feel about that.

Indiana Lori

I'm loving the fried green tomatoes up here in Indianapolis. They don't look as if they will ever stop growing. But seriously, someone should wake up Mother Nature. It's FALL and I'm frying. I can't get enough fingerlings this year as well...but I didn't grow any myself.

Rachel at Stitched in Color

I know, it's still 90's here in SC too. Ugh, crossing my fingers for the 80's predicted next week. I've got myself some tomatoes to pick tomorrow :)


yep, I feel the same way. even with a fairly lousy summer (being sick, our garden not doing well) i'm ready for cardigans. and it's going to be upper 80's here for the next week!


The mention of boots brings up a whole new conundrum--the search of the perfect pair. We're supposed to get 70s next week. Can't wait.


If we can make it through today, there is relief on the way! I'm so ready for this summer to be over.


i want to hear about your nashville trip. i am going there this coming month... and want to know if there are any great fabric shops.?
i hope so!


I feel the same way...can't believe the continued heat in NYC. Regardless, my knitting needles are back out in full force. Tomatoes look great, by the way!


i never got my spring cleaning/work done! too hot since May!! geez. maybe, just maybe rain this evening. we must live in same (HOT) area.

Krista - Poppyprint

In the 90's! Wow! We're fully into cool and rainy up here in Vancouver.


your tomatoes are making me drool! the farmers market in buffalo had "last pick" of tomatoes on sale this weekend...


i like that you recorded all of this!

Mary Smith

Wow! What a warm fall for you, and beautiful produce you have grown. I'm from Vancouver too and could I trade some of your sun for our rain! Happy Autumn!


I have to tell you that our fingerlings were a failure as well and I won't be trying them again! I love your gardening posts along with all the rest. :) --Sharon


Sweater and boots! Erin don't say that..I'm so not ready for I think you might get your wish soon. It's low 40's at nights here and barely hitting 60's during the day.

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