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I'm feeling a bit under the weather today. I knew I was fighting something after I slept for 9 hours on Thursday night and 11 hours on Friday night.  I felt good on Saturday, but yesterday I woke up with an achy body.  I'm resting up, drinking lots of tea with honey and hoping that tomorrow I'm back to feeling myself again.

I had planned on updating the shop this week, but it'll be next Monday, September 20th instead.  When people email me and ask when I will have more camera straps available, I always respond that I will announce the update a week in advance.  Consider this the requisite announcement.  I haven't pinpointed a time yet - I'll let you know that later this week.  I'm going to try to have five colorways available this time.  I also plan on doing two more shop updates this year - one in October and one in November.  More details on those specific dates as they get closer.

Back here soon with more news. Until then, take care.


Molly Irwin

feel better soon!


feel better- I'm feeling pretty rotten myself with no time for rest. :(


it's alwasy best to take it easy. stuff can turn ugly if you're not careful. xx

Sarah Jackson

get better! Lots of rest, friend.

heather smith jones

I hope the tea and rest fix you right up soon Erin. And hooray for camera straps! I know I want one to put on one of my film cameras.


rest and sewing, the best medicine.


Hope you feel better soon.


Erin - Forgot to tell you, at a cross country meet a couple of weeks ago this woman spotted my strap from across the way and ran over to ask me if it was a "hill road original" and that she was dying to get one! She said she's emailed you and I told her to check back that I thought you were making some this fall. They are definitely a hit! Get compliments wherever I go! Hope you are feeling better.

Krista - Poppyprint

You take care! Feel better soon.


the good new is, you are at the tail end of it!
feel better soon, you.


hope you feel better soon. xo


Poor thing. Feel better soon!


The flip side of fall: the return of the cold. Harrumph. Here's to a quick recovery.

Vintage Chica

Hope you are feeling better Erin. I've got Fall sinus junk going on, so I am trying to remind myself to take it easy. Like that's easy to do, eh? Hope you are on the mend soon.


I wish I could bring your family a meal while you rest up and get better.

Erin | house on hill road

that's really sweet of you.

Linda Urban

Hope you feel better soon.


Hoping for a quick recovery for you from being sick. I really hope I can get my hands on one this time around....


Hope you feel better soon. There's something going around.
Waiting for your next tutorial

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