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September 19

I'm postponing the shop update until Wednesday, September 22 at 12:30 EST.  I hate to do this with little notice, but being sick most of last week just put me behind in all endeavors.  This will be the biggest group of camera straps to date - five colorways and a total of 48 camera straps.  If I have time, I'll put a few scrap bags in there too.

All right.  I'm turning the sewing machine off and going to bed.

Oh, and don't forget that Meg is hosting her Kids Clothes Week Challenge this week.  I plan on joining in as soon as I can. Jane actually wants me to sew her something!



Oooh, another pink colorway! I love the pink....

Good thing I already have one! :)


I'm so sorry you've been sick Erin, hope you're feeling better.

heather smith jones

Yes I hope you are better soon too. And wow, I'm so amazed at 48 camera straps.

Sarah Jackson

Hmm... I'll be watching!

I'm all over kids clothing week. I cut out 5 patterns today and should have a pair of baby pants done before bed. Can't wait to see what you're making for Jane.

Mama Urchin

feel better friend, wish i could bring you some soup


Those are gonna go like hotcakes!!!

Ps. I love those labels and am dying to get some for my work. I just can't think of a name for myself, at least nothing as quaint as yours or Leslie's. Better put on my thinking cap.


Even Being under the weather...You are a super hero! Those camera straps look GREAT! I am going to get one for me and then one for my photographer daughter!
Feel better tomorrow...


Hope you're back in the pink soon, also.

Have I mentioned how much I love love (LOVE) my strap? I do. Every day. A little strip of happy.

Be well.

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