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Conflicting thoughts on my current knitting

Color change 3

Color change

Color change 2

October 13

I started knitting the color change scarf from the Purl BeeI'm probably crazy.

I hate lace knitting.  But this pattern is so easy, I've already memorized it.

The yarn is more like string.  But it's very satisfying to create something out of what seems like nothing.

This project is going to take patience.  That is not one of my character strengths.

What was I thinking?  The colors are so pretty.


heather smith jones

Perhaps when you are finished you will have a little more patience? Plus, it will be beautiful.


oh my, but it will be gorgeous when you're done!

Mama Urchin

I don't mind lace knitting but I don't like multiple balls of yarn attached to what I'm knitting. It drives me crazy. Sometimes though it's nice to stretch yourself.


i was immediately drawn to that scarf when i first saw it too...but sadly most of the colors used had been sold out already and i wasn't feeling adventurous enough to try my own color-way...i didn't realize how thin the yarn was either...i'm afraid i would end in a tangled seem to be managing just fine though...i'll be watching your progress.


Wow, that scarf... in those colors! OMG, it will be just perfect! Good luck and don't get discouraged. Can't wait to see it!

Sarah :: greenclogs

That scarf is lovely. I adore Habu, but I have to confess that for me it just sits on the shelf and looks beautiful. Good for you for actually using it!


Um. I thought that was serger thread.


So delicate. Those colours will make all that knitting of lace worth it.

Rachel at Stitched in Color

Oh, deer. I've crocheted a bag out of itty bitty string like that. It was easy.... but loooooooong. Settle in, winter's comin!

amelia studio

That *does* look like it will require patience! I love the colors though. It will be beautiful.


oh my goodness, you ARE crazy! This is truly beautiful though, I can't wait to see how your colors turn out!


I am in total awe that you are going to knit with all that. I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out.


you can do it. i have no doubt. (email later.)


This is going to be beautiful - and such a keepsake!


I'm with Molly on the thread, I mean, yarn. However, having recently knit with Malabrigo lace weight, I know the end result is so spectacular that it's worth all impatient fits. Good luck!


Not crazy, I'll call you brave! Much braver than I. It's a good thing to have something to help you practice patience. (As if having children isn't enough.) Really, it will be amazingly beautiful. Looking forward to the eye-candy when you are done.

Erin | house on hill road

um, i can see where that might happen.


well.. it is BEAUTIFUL... and YOU can do it!
i almost made it with a habu scarf, but through in the towel at the end... don't be like me!


I'm starting mine too so I'll look to you for moral support.


I made a lace scarf last year with this silky, thin yarn,and I was "conflicted" like you until I had a decent amount accomplished on the needles. It feels so much better when I have some bulk to feel and hold while knitting. Does that even make sense?? Good luck. Love the pattern and yarn...which does look serger thread!


such tiny yarn!

my goodness, good luck!


I love the colours you chose. I hadn't realized just how fine that yarn is! Something about the cones is very tempting though; I just love the way they look.


You can do it! We will all be cheering you on! It will be beautiful when finished!

Account Deleted

it's worth it just to have that eye candy around (says the non-knitter)


Knitting is not a speed sport. It will be extraordinary when your journey is done.


I just started a lace shawl out of yarn that it like string too. It's going to take patience. And commitment.


Love your new header for your web site. I'll miss the buttons though! You have more patience than me to do lace knitting. Wow!


that pattern is so pretty that almost hurts to look at.
and it will be spectacular in those colors!
(but a meditation in patience, certainly. you can do it!)

Beth Gracie

wow. that is ambitious. i'm a knitter, but i don't do lace! good for you, it gorgeous!


that is a gorgeous scarf. I have it pinned over on pinterest but the fineness of the yarn didn't really occur to me .


heh heh heh

i am so not laughing at you, but with you.

patience, my friend.


I cannot wait to see it when it's completed. It will be beautiful. I would love to learn to knit lace.



If you exercise your patience, it gets stronger. ;)


I know, yarn is actually a great decorative element in any setting. ;)


You are a brave woman! I just completed a cabled project on zeros so I feel your pain...but there will be an end, and it will be so beautiful. Can't wait to see it!


oh my goodness. this is going to be beautiful. i am such an ADD knitter, I don't think i'd ever have the patience. i can't wait to see... :)

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