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October 17

Line of labels

Not that kind of pillow talk. Sheesh.

I spent a great deal of time sewing this weekend.  Those scraps on the floor are just a small portion of the big pile left over.  Consequently, I have three new colorways of camera straps that will go in the shop on Thursday.  I'll update it at 1 p.m. EST.  Sound good?  I don't think there will be any scrap bags yet, but if all goes well, there may be something else.  I hate to be cryptic, but it's all about timing such. And speaking of timing, there will be one last shop update in late November.  So it's now or November to get a camera strap before the holidays.  Just so you know.

October 18

I took this photo last night with quilts on the brain.  Specifically, how I really want to make one or two, or five right now. Right. Now.  The more I look at it, though, the more I feel that my family room needs some new pillows.  I had those chairs slipcovered this summer and got stalled on the re-decorating front.  I have this crazy notion to make a pillow a day for a week.  At least that would give me something to blog about.  Until I manage to get to the quilts, that is.


eva vercauteren

I've been saving quite a few scraps as well. I think it gives a certain satisfaction to have this much scraps. Actually, you're pile is close to what I have so far.

The quilt looks so nice. I understand how it gives inspiration to do more!


You are so good about getting in some sewing! I feel so scattered lately, my poor sewing machine has been so neglected. I need to figure out a way to balance my need to MAKE something, anything, with all this other stuff that has to get done -- driving the kids around, saying "no" to watching a movie every five seconds, cleaning, cooking, schooling, bla bla bla.

I love your punny title. :)


oh, me, too on the quilts. i've got pieces cut out and sitting by the machine. maybe tonight, if i get my writing done.


First of all I really love your new banner! And second of all, a pillow a week could really change things up nicely around the house, maybe there should be a challenge (hint)

Erin | house on hill road

i thought i might suggest a pillow-a-long....are you saying you'd be in?


A-pillow-a-day. How fun!


I need pillows too. I love being a part of your craft and decorating world.


I'm in!


I crave quilts too, but I love the pillow idea. Sometimes there's nothing like PROGRESS to satisfy a craving, and I love the thought of a project that can be completed and used in the same day! Plus, what a big impact it will make on the room.

If you make a few from patchwork you can "cheat" and call them "baby quilts". :-)

Mama Urchin

I could use a pillow-along, just saying. Also, quilts, you know how I feel about them.


I totally agree, sometimes you have to put aside the bigger projects, just to get something finished and see some results. I just bought 5 throw pillows from the thrift store that need new cases... I'm thinking a pillow a day sounds like a great plan!!

Emily S

I'm in major clothes making mode right now, but all I can think of is quilts, too! I might have to change gears for awhile...


I'm with you on wanting to make quilts. I thought it would be easier when the girls were in school, but one goes to late-owl kindergarten and the other goes to regular schedule second grade and they each have activities, so it seems like I am always driving them around or running errands lately. And then there are the Halloween costumes, which still aren't quite finished. Sigh.


love your new header, erin! what a great photo.
and all that goodness coming out of your sewing room.
looking forward to seeing all your colorways.


Please, please, please use those scraps to make some of those glorious potholders of yours! I can think of many people on my Christmas shopping list who would benefit from those (myself included). :D


oh my! i totally want to make quilts these days! AND pillows!! i would LOVE to make a pillow a day. if only there were about five more hours in the day. or, you know, i didn't need to sleep. that would be nice. or not.


I'd love some new pillows for Winter/Christmas, can I join in if you decide to do a pillow-a-long?

Melbourne Road

you could compromise and make patchwork pillows ;o)


That quilt? On the chair? Details, please?


Oooh... brakes on!

Pillow-a-long? Really?

Erin | house on hill road

yep. i think it's going to happen. :)


I am so staying posted. 


I'm game for a pillow (or two) a week challenge!


if you do pillows it might just help me with the pillows that I was supposed to do months ago. Not a hard project, but it's just not getting done!

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