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Pillow Challenge Week!!!

The state of my granny affairs

Just four minutes ago, I saw Blair's post on her new scarf and the how-to that accompanied it.  Go - read. Back?  OK. Good.  Completely charming, isn't it?  I want to make one, but seeing as that I already have a giagantic crochet project going, I really shouldn't start another.  So do you understand why I immediately pulled out my stack of granny squares and started contemplating?




I have 49 completed squares and 4 that need the light green ring.  That's 53, more or less, finished.  I figure I have to have at least 63 squares (or maybe 72 or 80). I definitely have enough yarn so I think that firmly puts this project in the I-may-just-finish-it-after-all category.  Sweet.

Also, the pillow challenge is going to happen.  I think it'll be the week of November 8th - plenty of time to recover from sewing all those Halloween costumes, but with enough time so it's not too terribly close to Thanksgiving.  Sound good?  More details on that tomorrow.

Later. I've got some serious crocheting to do.



It looks awesome - I love the colours you chose!


Ditto what Teresa said! I completed a granny sqaure afghan last month. it was a ton of work, but totally worth it.

Here 'tis:

samantha hall

I love granny squares, so fun to make. Your blanket is going to look lovely.


that's going to look beautiful!


oh I"ve been thinking about pillows...crocheting some even.


I cannot wrap my head around crochet. I need some serious help, I think. ;)

I love this project today just as much as I did when you first shared it on your blog a few years ago, and when I saw it in person in 2008. It is going to be so worth it!

I have to say it again -- LOVE IT. xoxox


Go for it! One movie and you'd practically be done. And look how gorgeous it will be, I LOVE the colors. (I hope you're making it for yourself, cause that whole combo is very Erin to me.)

urban craft

It already looks so cozy. You just want to wrap yourself up in it and take a nap.


I totally went in a different direction than the afghan. I thought you meant that you figured out you had quite the jump start on Christmas gifts--granny square scarves for many. :-)


I totally went in a different direction than the afghan. I thought you meant that you figured out you had quite the jump start on Christmas gifts--granny square scarves for many. :-)

Emily S

I love these and love your color selection. I've stopped and started a granny square afghan so many times. Hopefully this will give me some inspiration!

dani@little fists

Serious love here.

I have a granny square project that I've been working on for almost 9 years.

Yep. 9.

It's the whipstitching. It's a killer.


i thought about this project of yours just the other day!!!!!! so weird!
glad you are back at it!!


Well, wouldn't you know, that's my birthday. I think I'll choose to look up on said pillow challenge as a gift.

That? Up there? QUITE a spread.

Erin | house on hill road

kate's birthday is that week, too. november is a good month.

Erin | house on hill road

i took it in the car to chicago but didn't touch it until today. we must have been on the same wavelength!

Erin | house on hill road

you should look at the tutorial that blair linked to - you crochet the squares together which sounds a whole lot easier than whipstitching to me.

Erin | house on hill road

yes, it's mine. all mine. (and thank you for making me take it out again!)


erin -
thank you SO much for this link to blair's great idea.
this is perfect.
i've been wanting to do the granny square thing for some time now, but with my ravelry queue there was no way that was gonna happen for a year or so at best.
but this scarf? absolutely.can.happen.
and your project is looking great!!! i can't wait to see the final result - i can't believe how far along you are!

nicke cutler

i wish i could crochet. actually, i don't. sewing is enough at this point for me.. but that is the most BEAUTIFUL granny square i have ever seen! i wish it was mine!

nicke cutler

oh and i am really excited about pillow week!!!


Wow... very ambitious! Looks like something good to have stashed in your bag whilst waiting to pick the kids up somewhere!

Melbourne Road

LOVE the colors of the squares you made.
I inherited a granny square afghan that is black primarily with bright colors on the inside of the squares.
I love it.

sonya m.

I might have to ditch a current granny square project to start one in similar colors to these. What yarn are you using?


You're so close!! It will be marvelous when it's done - those colours are really lovely.

I'm about half a blanket of ends-to-be-sewn-in away from finishing a granny blanket that I've been working on (or avoiding working on) for nearly 5 years now. I would definitely advocate slip stitching squares together rather than whipstitching (whipstitching is what I did and was a complete pain in the end), and weave any ends in as you go on any squares you make from now on! You will thank yourself BIG TIME eventually!!!

Have fun with it :-)


Do it! Grab yourself a box set and enjoy. I made a grannie blanket with a very similar colour scheme to yours, even down to the lovely green border (of baby cashmerino) and I adore it, even though it was a mare to get done.

Thanks for the lovely blog!

Erin | house on hill road

i'm using debbie bliss cashmerino aran, but my yarn was all purchased three years ago so i am not sure if you'd be able to find these exact colors. good luck!


LOVE your granny colors E!!!


my oh my! What a project! This is going to be an amazing finished piece.


love your color choices. looking good, can't wait to see it finished (which i imagine is foremost on the brain).

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