Pillow Challenge Week!!!
Pillow Week Challenge - Fabrics and Fillings

No pillow talk today

Look at me, opening my big mouth, saying I'd be back with inspiration. Obviously, it's not happening.

If you've read this blog for any amount of time, you are probably aware that I fly by the seat of my pants most of the time. I write and then post immediately - very rarely do I do a draft. A draft, in this case, would be smart.  Especially when I am leading a pillow challenge and promised some inspiration.  So sorry, folks.  It just didn't happen today.

I'll be back tomorrow (God willing and the creek don't rise) with some info on fabric and filling choices.  Closures and sizing comes on Thursday.  Friday, I'll give you a huge link-y list of good pillow tutorials.  Sunday, my first pillow.

Ok. I now have a plan.  Now to put it into action.

Pillow piping

And because I can't post without a photo...

These pillows in Kate's room are slated to be recovered next week.  She's growing up and it's time for the lions to go.  Olive, on the other hand, will stay just as she is.  Four years later, so well-loved, and absolutely perfect with all her imperfections.  All imperfections mine. The pattern is spot-on, of course.



Oh, I do love those lions. Any chance of sending me a small square with a lion on it? Pretty please? ;)


You're preaching to the chior, my friend!


um, "choir"
i need to trim my nails!!

Chara Michele

Oh I love the lions :) (I can understand though how she might want more grown up pillows :)

I probably won't be making any pillows (I just finished some a couple months ago), but I look forward to seeing what you create :)

Sherri B.

A draft

A draft? Drafts sound so official and boring, I like wings on the seat of the pants better.

rachel | buttons magee

My intended blog plans never go the way I expect. oh well. I have a bunch of pillows in the TV room that need to be recovered- it's the pillow bone yard where all the reject pillows get sent.


Ummm....draft? Are we supposed to do drafts! Lets recap...crazy busy Mammas with a passion for life, our families and crafting in the wee hours of the morning! Ya, fly by the seat of your pants girl! Who has time at this stage to draft!!! Little imperfections let us all know we are OK and not alone!

Mama Urchin

Winging it is my style too.

Miss chris

Big winger here, too. :). Please don't go getting perfect on us. I can't handle the pressure.

I love those lion pillers, though.


I'll so be back. And if the dang creek do rise, the seat of my pants is just where I left it.


That is fine - I could use another day to get my pillow stuff organized anyway!

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