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November 17

The Japanese maple in front of our house is my favorite tree. When we had it trimmed this summer, the arborist told me it is the largest green Japanese maple he has ever seen. I don't doubt it. It's huge. It has started turning deep red and the leaves will drop soon.  It's always the last tree in the neighborhood to go, signaling winter is on its way.  I feel it coming too.  It's time for soups and stews, baking bread and making quilts, wool sweaters and socks.  I'm ready.  Well, I will be when we find the bin of hats and gloves.  I wonder where in the world I could have put it.


rachel | buttons magee

funny, we have the largest tulip poplar our tree guy has ever seen! Sadly, it is the first to lose its leaves each year. How nice you get to enjoy it through thanksgiving!


what a beautiful, beautiful tree! I'm all about the trees. Se have one that hasn't shed its leaves yet but I haven't been able to figure out what kind it is on my own. The leaves are just a yellow/brown, though, nothing as striking as yours.


I love japanese maples - such drama queens in the autumn!


Lucky duck. They are stunners, aren't they?

Sarah Jackson

It's gorgeous! I have a small one sitting in a huge pot at my old neighbor's house in Seattle. They're giving it a home until we're back in the NW and can bring it home again. I miss its amazing fiery red leaves every fall. Thanks for sharing yours.


that is the biggest one I've ever seen too. They are pretty abundant around here, but in a much smaller size. Peter gave me one for the wood anniversary (which one is that?) and its outside my studio window. Their red is like no other tree.

I'm excited for winter!

Tracy @ Happy Owl Glassworks

I love how their leaves look like stars.


what a truly beautiful tree, I love Japanese maples, so pretty. x


What a spectacular tree. We ended up buying our first house in large part because of the lovely herb garden and monumental rosemary plant that my husband adored-- put your house on the market and I can assure you that the maple would close the deal for him. Wow.

Melbourne Road

what a beautiful tree.
We have two of the ornamental type Japanese maple on the property of our new farmhome. the larger one had such a carpet of the beautiful red leaves and dark bark from the rains that it reminded me of chocolate and red velvet...so rich.

minnesota:madre | Sarah Jane

I agree, it's gorgeous! Glad that fall is getting your way. We had snow over the weekend and I'm in full winter mode- my favorite season by far. What's on your knitting agenda?

Erin | house on hill road

no knitting plans...yet. i have two sweaters on needles and that granny square afghan to finish first. ;)


in the last couple of days our j.m. lost al it's leaves. now a blanket of leaves on the ground. (lousy pic of the day from yesterday)

i am ready to hunker down!


We have a Japanese Maple in front of our house too. It's my favorite to watch turn. Sadly, recent rain and winds brought all the leaves down. It was beautiful while it lasted.


Your pictures (and all the comments) help me see the details in life. I had never noticed the shape of those leaves.

There's soup on the stove as we speak. It's wonderful to have yummy smells and be warmed from the inside out.


Oh, I love Japanese maples. My grandma grows them and sells them; she has a pretty big one in front of her house but not nearly THAT big! They turn such gorgeous colors, too.


That is beautiful fall tree. When the leaves change colors it's definitely the season of yarn, knitting and crochetting.


Beautiful tree and really wonderful photos.

Lindsey@ Piecefully Home

Oh, I have a Japanese Maple out our dining room window. It's big, but not as big as yours. Unfortunately, whoever planted it, did so too close to our home and it's only a matter of years before it has to go since the roots are growing towards our foundation. :( I hope to plant some of it's seedlings next year.


The tree is incredible!


What a beautiful tree. Sounds like you are taking good care of it.

Anne K.

It's definitely late fall here in Western NY, which is why I turned to the trusty Erin Harris tutorial on shirring with elastic thread to make a fresh winter scarf or two! Just did a podcast featuring your fab technique - also did a cowl scarf based on your "Stitches" design! Links to all on my blog. Thanks so much for all the great instruction and inspiration, Erin!!

Erin | house on hill road

thank you, anne!

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