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All is calm


This year, I like December.  That's a new thing.  My goal was to enjoy the holidays and I'm glad my plan is working.  We have a busy weekend ahead, but I'm not anxious or stressed about it or how fast Christmas day is approaching.  The decorating is finished, the shopping mostly done.  I'm exercising, eating well and trying to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night.  I'm only making one gift and, although I haven't finished yet, I've enjoyed working on it and knowing that I can take my time and savor the process.  The holiday cards have been here for weeks, but I won't get to addressing them until Wednesday or so.  And I am ok with that.  To make things even sweeter, there were peonies at Whole Foods today. I splurged and I'm ok with that, too.

There is so much goodness surrounding me.  I am so thankful that I took the steps to slow down and enjoy the season.

So, yes, all is calm.

December 10

And all is bright.



This is, I think, what we all wish for our holidays. Thank you for reminding me to let go of my OCD a little bit and allow myself to sink into it a bit!

minnesota:madre | Sarah Jane

Way awesome for you. We, too, have had a much slower December and it feels just right. Enjoy your festivities this weekend.

rachel | buttons magee

that sounds like heaven erin. especially right now as my holiday is about to get revved up.

Sarah Jackson

Very timely reminder, friend. I saw peonies at Trader Joes today and thought of you.

Mama Urchin

Glad to hear the plan is continuing to work.


so so impressed by you - by your plan, by carrying it out. go girl.


More people need to make a conscious effort to do this. And really, with lovely peonies in the house what could be wrong in life?

Mary-- The Yellow Door Paperie

Ahh, all is calm. Wonderful, I need to breathe in some of this goodness. I got peonies at wholefoods too, such a treat.


Love the banner.


the peonies are beautiful.


it looks calm from here. We're working towards calm. I figure in another week we won't be able to do anything but slow down (in Colorado). Enjoy!


I'll take a deep breath and slow down to enjoy everything too.
Thank you for the reminder.
Happy December to you!


Sounds wonderful - I'm just a few steps behind you !


i think you just passed on some calm.
thank you.


Hello...the Peonies are SO gorgeous and the calm is wonderful...I hope it spreads.
HUGS and have a lovely weekend.

Rachel at Stitched in Color

Agreed, the peonies are amazing. Worthy purchase!

Well done on staying so calm..and the Peonies are stunning!

Naturally Carol

It is so good to hear from someone who has not been tearing around stretching herself too thinly! What a breath of fresh air your post is today.


I need to take note of the eight hours of sleep a night. If I go into the week before Christmas in a deficit, I'll certainly crash. Your holiday lights picture is so magical.


I am glad you're well and happy. I'm getting there. xo


All is bright! Glad that you are savoring the holidays!! Well done!


Good to hear - feeling a bit calmer myself after reading, too.

Erin | house on hill road

i'm jealous...we're not going this year.

jen j-m

super inspiring, erin. i am hoping that reading this will rub off on me. last day of a craft/art fair today, and then i plan to slow down like you have.
also, i can't help but think of you any time i see peonies. glad you splurged on them.


beautiful that i'll keep with me the rest of the holiday season. beautiful peonies, too. definitely worth the splurge!

Lana D

It does sound like you are enjoying the holiday the way it is meant to be...Merry Christmas...


The first Sunday evening in December is our Christmas celebration at church. We call it dessert night. It's an evening that welcomes the Christmas season while we focus on the real joy of the season. It's focusing and calming. Then there is the Buzzy Christmas show, which was last night. Christmas time is here. I also have a few unfinished items for gifts. I enjoy that. Interesting how we all have to work to have calm, isn't it?


More power to you girl. You are doing what most young people think about doing. As a retired lady, the presures are not quilt so high. Enjoy the holidays.


Wonderful..the way it should be!


congrats!!! you did it! a fun enjoyable december! i learned my lesson many years ago and now shop early and shop online...and then try to relax and enjoy baking, decorating, etc for december. it makes the whole month so wonderful! glad you got there too!


well done, erin. i need to get me a bit of that mellow mojo...

a happy, happy holiday to you and yours.


we're trying...but I think that's because I'm ignoring a lot of things. We've cut back on a lot of the shopping, looking for small and meaningful objects. Enjoy the week erin.


I found your post through Grace! I love it. Calm has been my aim too for this season. I think I am starting to let go of some things too (like I think we'll be sending New Year's greetings! ;) Thank you for sharing! Peace. Angela


Good for you! I am glad you were able to set some limits for yourself this year so that you can enjoy this holidays!

mama-pan / mary frances

thanks--and keep enjoying.


It can be such a challenge to really sink into this season, but it is so sweet when it happens... I'm glad you're having a good December!


I haven't enjoyed more than a minute of this month, or really done anything holiday-related except attempt to make a handful of handmade gifts. I love this post!

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