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For the love of Liberty, part 2

January 5

Hey! Happy New Year!  I thought I'd be here earlier in the week, but it just didn't happen.  Hope 2011 is off to a great start for all of you.

The squares are cut.  All 624 of them.  I haven't added any from the stash yet - I need to re-do my math to see where I'm at.  I figure I'll add one or two more prints (including the bicycles for Fatty, you know, so it's not all pink and all flowers) and balance out the rest with white.  Then I need to decide how to attack the making of this quilt.  I want it to be a random pattern.  I'm wondering if I should make smaller blocks or piece it in strips.  I think the points might be easier to match in blocks.  Anyone have an opinion or experience with this?

Liberty scraps

Not sure what I am going to do with all these little strips, either.  They vary in width and are about 9" long. Ideas?



You could make a spiderweb quilt with the strips and what a neat pile of squares ....Karen


I would make pillow shams with the strips. That way the colors match but not matchy-match.

Account Deleted

i can't wait to see the quilt!
and...stripy camera straps with the leftovers?


Hmmm... a tickertape quilt? I think you have just convinced me to purchase a LoL pack, so lovely!


tickertape strip quilt...too good to waste!


you could make small covered buttons for your girls' cardis. browse etsy--sometimes they have LIberty items made with scraps! I adore Liberty. Can't wait to see your quilt!


I bet you will come up with something great. Your scraps and the addition of the white made me think of Crazy Mom Quilts. I bet you two could have a great inspirational conversation.


I can't wait to see this grow! I adore Liberty (both the fabric weight and the prints) and it's pretty much the only time I step away from organic fabrics. I wish liberty themselves did something similar to your spectrum pack - I live near the London store and every time I go there I buy yardage, but only of one or two prints!


you should totally do this one.


Check out this link to Alicia Paulson's quilt and her process in random patching. I have also purchased her Ollalieberry Quilt Pattern that is mentioned there and am about half-way through it--- it's putsy, but it's going to be a show-stopper. Good luck! Can't wait to see your Liberty quilt finished!


Joanne Heim

Strips could become a braided or crocheted rug, perhaps? Too good to waste for sure!


i would take a big piece of white fabric and appliqué those strips onto it collage style...it could be anything a wall hanging, a small quilt, a throw. i do this really loose appliqué all the time and things hold up pretty well without any finishing on the edge, gets a nice shabby look.

karen lowry reed

crazymomquilts always has good ideas for scraps. her blog is inspiring.


ive been wrapping strips around pipe cleaners and coiling them into roses and attatching to hairbands. maybe this could work with the liberty fabrics?


I thought about crochet, too - you could make a rug, mats for nightstands, something along those lines.


gorgeous gorgeous fabric palette! i definitely prefer to piece squares into blocks to better manage matching points, as you mentioned. then you only have a few long seams to contend with.

best of luck!


That's the fun part of cutting fabrics, you always have scraps to use for a new quilt or pillow or basket.. I do like the colors.


I like the coordinating pillow idea, but a spiderweb or string quilt would also be a fun use of the scraps. I am looking forward to your progress on this gorgeous long-term project.

Rachel at Stitched in Color

Random idea - sew strips around the squares. Sometimes lots of layers of strips (bigger finished square), sometimes not. sometimes squares in a row. Piece random finished rectangles and squares together. Best bet for using up strips is to use them now, right? =)

Sew Create It - Jane

I'd be tempted to make log cabin style blocks with the left overs...if you google "mile a minute quilts" you'll see what I mean. Easy, quick to piece and really effective.


This was going to be my suggestion as well!


make ornaments on styrofoam balls. Just wrap the balls in random strips. I have an example at home. It's something the girls can make!

Erin | house on hill road

I've done that! Good reminder.

Sarah Jackson

I say string quilt. It would be amazing. I'd be happy to take that project on for you. ;)


I say braided rug! It's near Blasphemy to let Liberty go to waste ;)

Erin | house on hill road

I think the strips are too narrow for any kind of piecing. Some of them are only 1/2" wide.


braid them and add them as texture to the quilt, line like three in a row, in various spots on the quilt...

Jennifer O.

So pretty! I'm in the midst of making Alicia Paulson's Ollalieberry quilt and recommend it. I couldnt' be completely random with mine, though. I used Hope Valley in the blue/grey colorway with some charcoal Kona cotton.

krista - Poppyprint

You've got lots of great ideas here already, so I'm just going to hang about and be jealous that you have all that luscious fabric ready to be made into a beautiful quilt!


I really like that idea. Or even throw pillows.


I've done that. Great idea. I am going to write it down to remember for holiday gifting next year.


So many fantastic idea. The pieces seem small, so I am curious to see what you can create.

I just finished two random block quilts for my children. I really like Alicia's pattern, although I just winged it.


yes, totally agree.

unless the strips are thick enough to make into binding?


I would use them to make a rag rug or a wall hanging.
Can't wait to see the completed project.


You might want to check out Tall Grass Prairie Studio - Jacquie just posted a gorgeous spools quilt that might work with teensy strips. Link: http://tallgrassprairiestudio.blogspot.com/2011/01/savor-every-stitch.html

Sarah Cosper

I didn't read all the comments to see if anyone suggested a string quilt.


I am making one twin size and I have made baby quilts with just 3 blocks and all white for the rest of the quilt. They are fun to do and the only exact measurement I keep is on the center piece. All the others are randomly cut or already scraps.

Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

I like to piece my squares in blocks of 9.
When I made the last one, I sewed it in strips of light dark light and dark light dark. I also had some strips that had a white on white block in the middle. That block became the middle of each square. You could try something similar with the squares.


P.S. Why on Earth do you call him Fatty? ~grin~


Braided rag rug. My mom used to make these rugs. They're pretty neat.


Happy New Year, Erin! I was so glad to read that Fatty told you to buy the stack of Liberty when you'd added it to your wish list. Good husband. As for the scraps, the idea of a rag rug is awesome, but I'd be too lazy myself to complete one. What about a braided necklace? Or tying the scraps end to end and making garland?


maybe the beginnings of a rag rug?

Jessica Denny

i suggest a wreath! one of those where you tie all the scraps around a wire form. looks like you have enough there! :)


i am having MAJOR fabric envy over here.

Siobhan Rogers

I love liberty!

Maria C

try this
by making just the base you could make pot holders(trivets)for your kitchen.

Naturally Carol

Just a thought...Christmas is obviously not too far from my mind still...keep the little strips and make a liberty rag wreath for any season really.

Mama Urchin

I find that blocks are easier to line up than strips. And I think pillows to go with the quilt is an excellent idea.


Anthropologie has some sweet necklaces where they've taken great fabric and wrapped it around long beads and/or circles of some kind (kind of felt like balsa wood or something). Very cool and very simple to do with strips of such lovely fabric. I'm sure you'll figure something out. Happy New Year, Erin!

Mary Jo, Five Green Acres

I know you said they're too narrow for piecing, but take a look at this! http://www.flickr.com/photos/27412675@N05/5059032744/in/set-72157625152307957/

Julie Koehler

For random, I have stacked pieces by main color group paying no attention to the print/lack of/pattern unless I had 5 of the exact same colorway/print in a row. I added a random pile that didn't have an obvious main color and that spiced things up a bit. I went in order from pile to pile and placed the pieces. Because I had lights, medium, dark of a color, and different prints/patterns, it looked random. If I didn't like how a piece looked with the neighbors I changed it/swaped it. Even though it is painful, I would layout all 624 squares to make sure I liked the look. Too much time and love invested to leave it all to chance. But that is me.

Kaelyn Ward

I'd say a piecey tie rug with the leftovers, or you could do random fabric pictures with the scraps. I recently found silhouette pictures made out of scraps.

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