For the love of Liberty, part 2

Old camera, new strap


I bought a used Pentax K100 this summer and this past weekend, I loaded the first roll of film in it.  Well, really, Emily loaded it for me.  (I'm totally out of practice - it's been a long time since I've shot film.)  What better excuse than a new-to-me camera is there for cutting in the also new-to-me Greenfield Hill fabric by Denyse Schmidt?  I can't think of one so I did just that and sewed one patchwork camera strap for me and another non-patchwork one for a friend.  I bought all the prints in all the colorways of this line because I totally dig the old-fashioned and modern aesthetic that is happening together here. Plus, black, white and green? I had to have it.  And now that I see the colors in person, I'm going to have to move beyond the quilting cotton and on to the voiles.  I really can't resist.

I've heard talk that many people aren't as enamored with these fabrics as I am.  What do you think? Love it or hate it? Why?


Mu Mu Design

actually i was really disappointed with this collection. i won't be buying, but saying that, I like the way these all work together in this strap. very elegant.


Seeing them all seperated out I'm not crazy about them, but I love the composition you used for your strap. Do you sell straps?!


I like the patterns a lot, but I'm really not into the black. I'm crazy for grey, but I just can't do black, but (more buts) voile is awesome almost regardless of the pattern. Your get together sounds pretty fantastic by the way!


I love the strap, the colors work very well together with the patterns. I would love to make one for my camera but I am a little apprehensive about trying it. Not sure how to make the ends. Is that leather that you used? I think it looks wonderful!!

krista - Poppyprint

I haven't seen it in real life, but it's not really grabbing me. I like both the green and blue colourway of the stripey print with dark dots on it (the last print of your strap) as I think it would make a great blender. Maybe it's the roses that are putting people off? I feel like Moda has just overdone romantic florals forever!


I have to admit that these fabrics are not grabbing me as her prints usually do. I do think the geometric ones are interesting, especially the zig-zaggy one. But the huge black and white rose peeking out from your camera strap does look awesome--I think that's definitely the way to use it. :)

Sarah S

I am totally in love with it and want to buy it all. I love the colors and the use of black. This strap was a really nice way to showcase the prints.

The AfterCraft

Oh I quite like the colours. Sometimes when you see a collection it's hard to envision it in something until someone comes along and makes it into something AMAZING.. like this!

Love it!

Rachel at Stitched in Color

The collection looks nice in the way you've used it here, and perhaps because of that shiny BLACK camera. I personally don't like it because I'm not a fan of black in prints. I don't know why...


I really love the camera strap. I've been contemplating making one myself. I really love the colors in this collection and I especially love the way that you've used them.


This collection is new to me because I am avoiding fabric stores in an effort to use what I have. I think you make it look great. I'll be sure to take a better look now, even if only from a distance. :-)


I love the colours - it is how you use them and you've done a fantastic job with the camera straps.


I love the strap but more so love the collection! I'm surprised because I'm not usually a fan of the romatic floral but there is just something about this one!

Sarah Jackson

I like the collection - especially when it comes to stuff for Gunnar. I'll probably add some of the blues to the quilt that I'm starting for him if someone is carrying them locally (I'm ready to start it tomorrow). I like the geometrics better than I like the florals, so I'm sure I'll stash those in blue and in green.

Marcy Ort

I am compleetely enamored with the black adn white flower, the green and white with the black dot , and what is the print with the black background, white dots and what looks like green ferns? I LOVE LOVE LOVE that one. I have a slight green issue as well.


Like with many fabric collections, I need to see them in a new context before I really dig them. Seeing you camera strap has definitely made me like Greenfield Hill a bit more. :)


I've had a K1000 since high school (16 years) and I still love playing with it. I need a new strap for mine as well!


love the fabric and colours, great strap!

Jill E.

Good choice of cameras...

Siobhan Rogers

I think I got thrown by the large format of the flowers, but once i really looked at the range and colour - I really liked it. Your camera strap proved it - it goes so nicely together.


I think the problem with this collection for me is that it seems like it will be really hard to mix with other fabrics. I love looking at full collections, but I very rarely buy them in full. There are some pretty pieces, but I just can't imagine putting them with the fabrics I already have next time I make a quilt top. That said, I do love the way it looks for your camera strap! Vintage-y and pretty!


I just got a fat quarter collection and while I love most of it I wondered how I would use the blacks . This camera strap is fantastic & I'm now going to be a little more adventurous using those black prints .
I do love the blues .


I haven't really liked most of the DS lines thus far, but I really do like this one. It's very different from her usuals, and the play of color works for me.


hmmm don't like it at all :) i find the colours very blah and uninspiring (i like a lot of colour though)... never been a fan of those depression repros


If you need any photo help, I'm a high school photography teacher!


Hey there Erin, I wanted to say a belated thanks for the camera strap, I love it and take it everywhere with me. As for the new DS line, I am completely enamoured with them.

Erin | house on hill road

i am so happy you are enjoying it, nanette!


i love it. and those colors.
you need to put some in the shop.
i've got my old film camera with a blue and red canon strap. (wince!)


i love it too. in fact, i ordered fat quarters over the weekend. love how it's antique-y looking yet not too girly.


I love it, because the fabric has both dark and subtly bright qualities too it that match the camera perfectly.


I love it. I don't even really need a camera strap but saw this picture and wondered if a similar one would be for sale in your shop. The green, black and gray are a fabulous combo.


I love it! I like the drama of the black/white/green. And such a great green. I'll be buying some.

BTW...I also love (and get a lot of compliments on) my new-ish camera strap. It's so bright and cheery. Thanks again!

Erin | house on hill road

thanks roni! i'm glad you are enjoying your camera strap!

Erin | house on hill road

hi jorie - thanks for asking. i haven't decided on the next set of colorways, but i'll definitely consider using some of these fabrics.


I must admit, I do not love the new DS line. The black, white, and green are the only ones I can take. The other colorways seem look cheap, chintzy, and old fashioned in a not great way. However, I am grateful that designers are designing and creating new fabrics for us to work with and to encourage us stretch ourselves a bit.


I have to say, I'm not crazy about the line. The patterns seem a little stuffy. Something is lacking. Your camera strap looks great though.


Hunter green, burgundy, navy blue... Jewel tones just say 1994 to me, they don't seem particularly modern (nor old enough to seem vintage). Just, well, dated actually. Definitely not my fave. That's the good thing about fabric, though -- another collection is just around the corner!


I love these, but I have to say I'm also a little (secretly) pleased that there's a fabric collection that took a bit of a risk of not pleasing everyone - and I really hope that hearing negative feedback doesn't scare the fabric companies off from continuing to support designers going in new directions! Sometimes all of the collections run together and it's hard to tell one designer from another after awhile.


Oooh. I love those fabrics! Especially the two on the ends. Beautiful strap!

Annee Earnest

I've only seen it online, and it's so hard to tell what the value of the colors are in real life. I'm anxious to see it in person. Did you see it in person before you bought it? I'm sort of indifferent about it when I see it online right now. There is something very curious about the line though that has created this instant "Love it", or "Hate it" quality. Weird and intriguing at the same time.

Annee Earnest

P.S. I forgot to say that regardless, I think you could make any fabric look beautiful in the way that you combine them into camera straps. I'm a huge fan.

Erin | house on hill road

i did not see it in person before i bought it. it's a good green, the blue is in the royal/sapphire range and the red is a pinky-red. not maroon at all.
(and thanks for the sweet words about the camera straps.)


Love the color combo. I will have to ogle Martha's when I get a chance.


My mom was cleaning out the family house and just un-earthed my K-1000 from 20 years ago! I can't wait to see how it shoots! You've inspired me to make a strap, too. :)

Annee Earnest

Thanks for the color descriptions Erin! That totally helps. I think the green sounds great!

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