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tara thayer

lots of birthday celebrating,
a little bit of sickness,
a really good, warm night with friends
that went waaaay to late.
a lovely sunday together in the car,
and epic temper tantrum over a pink dress (not me!)
and a nice, easy, early sunday night.

here's hoping for a nice, easy week, too.

Sarah Jackson

talking, talking and talking more as we made plans,
hosted swap day with friends,
tried to go to karaoke night for a birthday party,
sewed a quilt binding instead,
tried to buy boxes,
more talking,
beef & broccoli for dinner,
more quilt binding,

Hope you have a good week!


Looks like you had a great weekend.

For me . . . some sleep, some quilting, a walk and some exercise. Good. Relaxing. Back to the grind tomorrow.


working for two days on a house that is not my own.
a pitcher of margaritas shared with some of my favorite people.
family campout in the empty living room of grandpa's old house.
my boy falling in love with a stray dog.
tonight -sandwiches for dinner and roxanne on dvd.
i'm ready to put my feet up and laugh.


Girls night out (Le Gallo Rosso), french Press coffee, family movie night, sewing on a string quilt, and laundry.

Erin | house on hill road

sounds good to me!

Erin | house on hill road

you couldn't have planned all that goodness if you had tried!

Erin | house on hill road

plans! so excited for you. (also, cheapest boxes at home depot from my kitchen reno experience).

Erin | house on hill road

i know temper tantrums over pink things. and not my own. xo.


you have one of shanna's cups! jealous. (also, looks like a lovely weekend.)


cooking a huge pot of chicken soup,
reading and finishing a good book,
swapping unused stuff with friends,
more knitting,


Baby shower,
Royal Tenenbaums with my hubby,
Sleeping late,
Beautiful late morning walk with my family,
Singing with my friends,
Catching up with the internets.


That sounds dreamy!

For us, a beautiful day on the slopes. We at two dinners out with no diet food in sight. Family date night, plus a quiet post-bedtime movie for my husband and I. I needed this weekend to recharge as I'll be on my own with the kids for a week, and that week will likely be low on sleep and filled with house painting (and hopefully some late night quilting).


My weekend: Hospital, Dad, endocarditis, picc line, sitting with my mother, praying, celebrating, meeting with Dr's, decisions, hallmark movie with my mother, a dish of ice cream. It was good. I love antibiotics. They save lives.

Jo @ a life in lists

Finishing projects from my January To Do list
Helping a newly separated friend settle into her new house
Consoling a toddler who has just started having nightmares (and enduring the resulting wriggly bed-sharing)
Eating scrambled eggs cooked by my lovely chap

Pretty average, pretty fabulous. I feel very lucky :)

Rachel at Stitched in Color

Oh, so good! Got lots and lots of sewing in. Made my first wonky stars. Impromptu dinner out with family. Hubbie took kids on a HIKE so I could do some computer work. The sun was shining. Just so happy!


Cutting out more dresses for craft show at end of March
Missing middle son who went on impromptu sleepover (I need more time to prepare for his absence!)
Tobogganing with entire family; littlest one is so brave
Watching final part of Lord of the Rings with my boys (hiding behind their hands on scariest parts!)
Eating popcorn, and drinking minty hot chocolate
Dinner out with Nana, and no tantrums from anyone (a first)
PA Day today, so more hot choc I think.


That looks like a lovely weekend to me! I got in some reading time, cooked a lovely mean and spent some much needed family time!


Good weekend here too with an energizing outside run along the Ohio River.
Sewing, family time, FUN science experiments and plenty of sewing.
Happy day!


Was pretty good too! Made the lightest Victoria Sponge (thank you Nigella) a lovely woodland walk, and didn't seem to have to tell the children off, so a good weekend as well!

Sarah Jane

I want to go beer tasting at you house! Looks so great. Maybe Fatty could give seasonal recommendations via the blog.
For me, good weekend with the college girlfriends.


A lot of cleaning (ugh!), a little girl spend-the-night party (almost), and some sewing!

Janee Lookerse

The Mr. took me out to dinner at Panera Bread. awesome. spent Saturday working on a new project, and spending quality time with my husband. Sunday played games with friends, enjoyed a light rain storm, and had wine for dessert/getting ready for monday. And, did my first blog post!



Blt's for breakfast.
6 Hours of Video Games (I didn't know!)
More Lattes.
Sleeping very very late.
Reading in bed.


Too short as usual! But I did get my studio cleaned up enough to be usable again, and played a fun game of Things with friends (best with 8 or more people...also best if you don't have to keep it G-rated for little ones). You're inspiring me to pick up my Pentax K1000 again, but I need to master the art of manual settings on my digital first. Thank you for all the great inspiration!


Wait, Fatty still has some Daisy Cutter! I am impressed.

Erin | house on hill road

that was the last can!

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