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Happy Valentine's Day


February 7

Fatty was just lamenting our lack of houseplants when - BAM! - two friends gifted me some this weekend. I thought that was kind of funny. I also really LOVE how my friend planted this in a beaker. It fits our shallow windowsill perfectly and made me realize just how much I miss that super deep window from our house in Western Springs where I'd line up all my McCoy pots planted with ivy, herbs and primroses. So I'm on the hunt for beakers now so I can have green things to look at on these gray winter days.

The auction quilts are now quilted and await their bindings. I'm super happy with how they turned out and can't wait to share that and some other auction projects with you all.  I've been spending a good deal of time at school so no sewing or knitting or much cooking for me.  If I would have had the time, I would have made this skirt today. Super cute and relatively fast and easy (just my speed) and it would have been *perfect* for my destination tomorrow. I actually dreamt about finding two free hours in my day to sew it. Then I woke up. Oh well. I'll still make it when I get back.

I better get packing. I have a few more things to throw in the suitcase and a book or two to find. I'll be back here sometime next week once I've returned. Take care.


Lana D

Love the beaker too! Have a good, safe trip tomorrow. Find some time to rest and enjoy yourself!

Account Deleted

I love that place, and love it in that beaker (and love that you can see roots inside as it grows). Where are you going? Who will water while you're gone ; D


Safe travels!

Tracy @ Happy Owl Glassworks

Beautiful--makes me want to take better care of the plants I do have (and anxious for Spring!)


Love the beaker - super cute. I'm looking forward to seeing the auction quilts!


the beaker is genius! i've got a hens and chicks plant (is that what it's called?) that needs a bigger pot. i'll have to look around for a beaker.


What a great planter idea. Have a wonderful and safe trip.


Have a fun trip!


I never realized how much more beautiful a plant could be when you can see the dirt and roots....hmmmmm, I'll have to consider that this spring!


beakers! and i love the green this time of year . just makes me happy.


You might try http://www.hometrainingtools.com/beakers-flasks/c/124/, and show us your results! I have a little cutting at home that needs a container, and I think I have a little beaker - I'm definitely giving this a try. Have fun!


love that skirt! Thanks for the link. Hope you are having a blast!

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