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Four seams shy of two quilt tops

Auction quilts
February 2

Most of my creative time these days has been spent working on our school's auction art projects. These are two quilts (one in warm tones, one in cool tones) that the fourth grade classes made using the glue batik method. I'm waiting on one block for each top and then it'll be time to finish them. I struggled with how I want to quilt these - I really want the artwork to shine and I am worried that dense quilting might compete with the large-scale blocks. I've given it lots of thought and I think I have a solid plan. I am going to use variegated thread in the hopes that it will blend in a bit more than white would.  We'll see! For the most part, I am really pleased how they are coming together and hope that they do well in the auction later this month.

(Does the auction talk bore you all to tears? I'd like to share more of the projects, but am unsure if it's interesting to anyone but me.)


Vintage Chica

Love the new background Erin...your designer did a wonderful job ;-) More, more! I love school project updates. The quilts look amazing!

Alicia A.

No, no. We're just about to do class projects (which are separate from our auction) and I need to see your fab inspiration!!


no, i love this. thanks for linking to the how to. you guys who take charge of these auction projects are amazing.


Those quilts will be amazing. Your school is lucky to have you! I was planning to do some tie dye with my kiddos next week. I think I may add a bit of batik as well. Thanks for the idea.

krista - Poppyprint

I bet most of us are busy moms all working on fund raising for one thing or several. I love hearing about fun projects that other people have thought of - it's a great way of exchanging ideas! These portrait blocks looks gorgeous!


I love quilts made by kids! You were the right person to accept the task of making 2 of these, most mortal women would have ran. : D

Melissa H

More auction talk=good! We're just getting into our first year of school auctions and I volunteered to help with a class project so all ideas welcome!! (plus the projects are really lovely all on their own)


not at all! I'm always looking for new projects and I'd never heard of the glue/batik before... so thanks!


keep them coming! I love hearing about school/auction projects! Those look fantastic.


I love the auction talk. What a great idea to use the kids artwork to make a quilt - gives me an idea for my nephew. Keep them coming!


No, not bored! I find it quite interesting because this was my first year to help with the auction at my daughters' school. Your ideas are so nice and refreshing.


Fab! Keep sharing the ideas! I've been inspired by your projects to start my own, and often come looking at your blog for ideas. Would love more details on the glue batik quilt. Thanks!!!


your auction talk is NOT boring!!! you give me so many great ideas! thank you for sharing!!


Not bored at all! I did the auction quilts three years in a row for my kiddos Montessori school (they are now in public school) and i know how much work (and time) this takes. Sewing the large blocks together isn't that bad but quilting and binding all those quilts is A LOT of work. It is so generous of you to do this year after year!

Mama Urchin

I love seeing the school auction projects. Our schools don't do auctions but I still am inspired by them for other projects


Thanks for the glue idea!


I love the auction talk! I just finished a quilt for our school auction too. I did a play on the Amanda Jean ticker tape where each student got to layout one block with all the little scraps. I would love to see the whole quilt when yours are done. I need more ideas for next year! : )


We did the glue batik method for wall hangings once before. It was fun. It's a great auction idea.



Comment away! Someday when I have children I'm sure I'll be stealing all of these ideas for their auctions. And I always love to see the pretties you're working on. = )


I love to hear about your auction creations... Share away!

beverly hittle

Not at all boring! I'm new to quilting & the school auction thing, so this is great! If anything, I'd love to see more details of how you did it.
(Funny thing, yesterday my daughter's 1st grade teacher asked me about putting together a quilt for the school auction. Nothing has been started & it's about 5 weeks away. I don't think this will happen.)


They look great, I did two quilts for my kids school last year. It's a big project - but very rewarding. Variegated thread sounds perfect. Xx


Love the auction talk, have done projects for ours at times - quilts etc... I am intrigued to look at how you made the squares!


A link or more information for the glue batik method, please. My granddaughter will be crazy for this project. She is the tye dye; peach sign queen. My little 70's girl. My era...something I thought would never; possibly hoped would never revisit itself.


Please, please share! We have our biannual auction coming up and I'd love some ideas! I've knitted items the past three auctions and would like to do something different.

Indiana Lori

You could never bore us with Auction Talk. For our 25th Anniversary this year at school, I offered a quilt. In theme. How awesome am I? I kind of quietly asked a few people if this was the type of thing our school offered in our auction (having never been), and they replied, "Um, well, most people donate things like Colts tickets or a suite at a Colts game, or a trip to Disney." OH REALLY. Really. How ridiculous when you could have a QUILT. Clearly, I asked the wrong people. I'm going to throw in some awesome stuff next year, which will go like hotcakes, just to show them that handmade beats all.


The auction talk is great on many levels. Many of us need auction ideas, class project/gift ideas, and just general ideas for projects we could do with our own kids. Last month I was searching through your blog to try to find out about the auction quilts you did last year.


Don't hold back. I love the auction ideas you share.

Kym Hretz

Doesn't bore me, I love it! It's very inspiring to see people coming together to support and celebrate children!


I love the auction posts- they are very inspiring. That quilt is looking amazing. And making me wonder what my son's class will do for their auction project this year...

Jenny L

Keep on sharing! I love seeing ideas for auction items and most of the time they're great inspiration for projects to do with our kiddos, too.


I hope it doesn't sound like stalking but I check your blog daily to see whats new. I enjoy your photos and creative ideas and if something inspires me to do something creative, I'm sure thats part of the reason you share with others. So please share all you want! Thank You for sharing!


No! I would like to hear more. Anything that combines fabric, art and children and I am there~!


Love it!! That is so cool!


Hi Erin- Just wanted to thank you, belatedly, for the pillow and piping tutorials. Today, for the first time, I made 2 pillows with the lap zipper and one with piping. I am thrilled to see them on the couch and feeling so proud of myself! I couldn't have done it without you- I was going back and forth between the video and photo tutorials- I actually needed both! Anyway, I am just so grateful for your knowledge and expertise- so, thanks!!


Just starting an auction quilt and stuck for inspiration. The kids are doing self portraits on 9" squares. My creativity, or lack of, stops at sashing them and them putting a big border around them. Would LOVE any better ideas! Thanks!!!


Totally interested! I can't wait to see how these turn out either.

Erin | house on hill road

you are welcome! i am so glad they helped you, mary!

Erin | house on hill road

julie - how many kids are in the class? and what size quilt do you want to end up with?

Elizabeth in CA

Please don't stop the Auction updates! I sometimes feel like I am the only person on my school's auction committee with an interest in creativity and new ideas, so I love to hear that I am not alone! I also love hearing that I am not the only one trying to balance my own creative interests with the time I spend on school-related work!


I teach Kindergarten and make a quilt with the kids each year. Maybe this year we can auction it off (not sure how this works?). I love the batiks. I tried to make that work but I was doing something wrong and gave up. Any advice?

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