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The auction went well. Really well. I'm in recovery mode. After spending a few hours setting up on Saturday morning, I logged a 2.5 hour nap in the afternoon. And today, I repeated that. I guess I really had no idea how tired I was! I plan on writing a post about all the projects, etc., later this week - I just can't wrap my head around everything right now. Soon. Pinky swear.

In the meantime, I'm giddy thinking about all the sewing I want to do. Close to first on my list is to finish Kate's single girl quilts. The tops have been finished for a long time, maybe even close to a year. I think the reason I haven't finished them yet is that I've been having an internal debate about what to back them with and exactly how I want to quilt them. The quilting part is pretty much decided and I've narrowed the back down to two options.

Option 1:  Use the solid khaki, the same as the background fabric. The binding will also be this solid.  I like this option because I think it would make the patchwork part of the quilts sing. It seems a bit simpler than the print and maybe a bit cleaner?

Option 2: Use the pattern. It's a coordinting print from the same line as the patchwork rings, but it isn't included on the front. This seems a bit funner and younger, a little sassier, but also a smidge fussy.

Options 2

Either option could have a patchwork strip of the other prints, too.

Solid or Pattern? Which would you go with? Why?



i like the idea of the solid. i think because it's not what i'd expect. i like it's simplicity.
either way, i'm dying to see them finished. they already are beautiful.

heather smith jones

My first thought was the print but I've changed my mind to the solid. If it were me, I think I would be happier with it longer. And yes I think it would also look "cleaner".

heather smith jones

Hmmm, not sure my comment sounds right. I mean like it for a longer period of time.

beth billups

my vote goes to the print because i think it says "single girl" and is more true to the denyse schmidt aesthetic : ) i have a few of her quilts and the backs always make me smile because they're like a little surprise and such a complement to the fronts...good luck deciding.

rachel | buttons magee

Big surprise, but I'd go for the print. I like the idea of bedding having options- you could ideally use either side, or see the bit of print when you fold down the quilt. But you know I don't often go for "clean and sleek." ;)


I would go with the print! First of all, you aren't usually looking at the front and back together. But the entire thing in khaki might be a bit bland. I love that print, anyway, one of my favorites. :)


Pattern with an area of patchwork. I think backs should have a little of their own interest and even a little surprise element. Just my two cents, and whatever you decide upon will be lovely.


I agree Beth! It really does say "single girl"! And I agree about the aesthetic of Denyse Schmidt. It is like a happy surprise!


I think back with the print and bind with the solid. That way when the quilt is spread it will have the clean look you refer too, but if turned back, it will have a cheery print winking at you. I really like the khaki background.

Claire - Matching Pegs

I think the print looks somehow fresher.

Good luck with your decision :-)


For my own bed I'd go with the khaki, but for a young girl I'd go with the print. Girls like a little fun. Another option would be to do mostly solid with a largish stripe of the print going the length of the quilt. Final suggestion, ask Kate.


I'm in the print camp. Definitely.


I'm with the print. Prints will be nice for a young girl.


My vote goes to the print.
Just something happy for the eyes when it happens to plop over.
Lovely top, Erin.


I think print. Or you could do the solid back with the print binding.


print! or a different colored solid, but not the khaki. i love unexpected and sassy:)


definately print!


option 2. not a doubt in my mind.


I think it's nice to have a "surprise!" on the back. My vote is for the print.

Amy Hodge

I think I'd go with the khaki. I think it will grow with your daughter a little better, and if they end up on twin beds in a guest room after she's grown up, they'll fit into redecorating schemes better as well. Plus, I totally dig solids. :)


I would go with the print. The khaki's such a neutral color that I would want a little more punch. The khaki backing would be a bit too drab for me personally. Does Kate have an opinion?


print :-)


I like the print - I think it would look nice if it was folded back at the head of the bed.


I like the print...


Print! Love what you chose and one of my favorite things to see on quilts are the surprises on the backs!

Lexi Lucas

I'm torn now too. Initially I was adamant it was to be the solid. But now I have been swayed to the print. I don't think you can go wrong either way. Good luck!


I like both options. Use me as your tie breaker for either side!


I like the print so it seems like a reversible quilt.


Both are good but I would go with the print as it just seems fresher. Either could totally work.


I whole heartedly agree with the print camp. I do not find it limited to young. I like the bright and cheery, and would love to have that on my adult bed. I think it really adds a bright crisp element that the all khaki is lacking.


I like the print. I have to confess that this is partially because it is green and by this point in the year I'm in love with anything green, but I also like the idea of something fun hidden on the back of the quilt. I'd still use the khaki for the binding so that there is nothing to compete with the patchwork (it really does sing against the khaki).


I prefer the print fabric with khaki binding. I like the green, and I think it would look nice with the patchwork. It would be fun for her while keeping the front more polished.

Sarah in Indiana

I like the idea of print backing, khaki binding as well. But I'm always a sucker for green.

Alicia A.

I vote solid. I bet you knew that already.

I'm so happy for you that the suction is over and went so well!

Alicia A.

Suction?! Really, Autocorrect? That's all you've got?


I would go with the print!


I totally vote for the print!

Jo @ a life in lists

I'd go for the print. Mainly because I like having something on the backs of my quilts, as I occasionally use them upside down for a change.

Vintage Chica

I like the print. I think just for the contrast. So glad you are now able to get to some projects that you have been wanting to. I hope the school sends you a fruit basket or something to thank you for all of the hard work. They are lucky to have you.

Mama Urchin

Well it did suck a lot of Erin's time, right?

Mama Urchin

I like the print too. The khaki is too plain to me or something.


Personally I like the print. I think it would add to, rather than draw away from, the patchwork pieces. Either way I'm sure it will be beautiful!


I'm in the print camp, and I think that the sides of your blog are too!


I'm in the print camp, and I think that the sides of your blog are too!


Print for both binding and back. I love seeing printed fabric on the back of a quilt, it just makes it extra special.


I vote for the pattern. I love this quilt - I have wanted to make one, but I honestly do not think I have the patience. Whichever you choose will be super.


Oh, my vote is definitely, print for the back and solid for the binding.


i like the print too. too much khaki feels like a safari :) i like someones suggestion of binding in the khaki and
i'm sure you will do the right thing!


solid. I think the print looks too girl-scouty. I love the khaki with all those colors. Lovely.


Option 2: the print.


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