Four seams shy of two quilt tops

Riding the creative wave


There are moments when I feel like I need to create right then.  Unfortunately, it's not entirely possible or practical to give in to those whims all the time. The other night, however, after working on auction projects for many hours, I gave in to my desire to make.  I quickly gathered a pile of scraps from the over-filling grocery bags on the studio floor. The blues and bits of red were calling to me so I dug until I had a good assortment to choose from. I started playing with fabric, cutting bits and stitching them together.

Supplies 3
I guess you'd call it a potholder - there are a few layers of batting sandwiched between all the fabric and I did add a red twill tape loop. In my mind, though, it's a little more than that. One of my goals this year is to not be so restrained when it comes to sewing. I really want to play more - developed palettes, use different techniques, loosen up a bit. I want to ride the creative waves when they appear and see where they might take me. This is a start.

Supplies 5

I used free motion for the quilting which I find much easier to control when I use it for small details. Go figure. As I said, the fabrics are all scraps, including the linen piece with the nest. I printed that with my gocco a few years ago and was happy to find it in the scrap bag. I quilted the back differently because I didn't want the reverse of the words showing. I think it was a good decision.

Supplies 4

It felt great to make something without a plan. I need to give myself permission to do that more often.

In the meantime, I'll be working on the auction quilts (almost done!!!). As I finish up the other projects, I'll share those, too. I'm really happy with how they are all coming together, but there is still quite a bit of work to do.  Back here soon.


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erin, that's awesome. i love to see you make stuff like this!
and good luck with the auction madness, little camper. i will be thinking of you!


I love your "pot-holder", and I can't wait to see all of your auction items. They give me great ideas for our own schools here in NH.

Sarah Jackson

oh holy cow. I love that so so much - especially how you quilted inside the wallflower print. I've been thinking of you and your stress level - I'm glad you took a few moments out to make something for yourself.

miss chris

It's great to see this more unrestrained side of you, Erin. Love this piece. xo


This is beautiful! It's an awesome potholder, but I think it would be lovely framed. Love the tiny nest!


Funny, must be something in the air - I did the same thing on Friday. With all I had to do ((#1 son's 39th b-day party is today at our home) I took the entire day (AND IT TOOK ALMOST ALL DAY) to make #1 daughter a new lunch bag for her new job and I had a wonderful time. I combed the web looking for a pattern and couldn't find anything that met my needs so I thru caution to the wind and came up with my own pattern. My first time working with that iron on vinyl was a blast so easy and so cool! I'm thrilled with the finished product and can't wait to give it to her today.

Fortunately, those uncontrolable moments of, "oh my god, if I don't make something right now, I'll implode!" don't come too often to interrupt our daily lives - but they sure are fun to give into every once in a while.


Rad! I, too, am in auction sewing freak-out weekend.... fun! I keep working on a quilt for us for my little breaks. It makes the non-stop "work" a little less tedious. I like the idea of doing something I wouldn't normally do. Thanks for the ideas.


erin, lovelovelove this. xo

eva vercauteren

Making without thinking often gives the most creative results and you just proved that. It's such a nice pouch and it must've been so much fun to make it! I have a lot of scraps, but I honestly haven't found a reason to use them. Might as well try to just "do".


So cute!

Eren be able to ride the creative wave...yes! I think I'm a few years away from this. I feel like every time I get knee deep into something, it's time to get the kindy kid. Love, love this pallet and sentiment Erin. Lovely.


That's a very cute surf board. :-)


oh erin this is just fabulous!!
i love it so much - and am just in awe that you "simply" sat down and created this.

i kept staring at the pictures and couldn't believe how adorable and sweet and perfect it is and that it just came straight from your head and heart!

what does that tell you :)


I am so glad you got a break from the auction creating. It is wonderful. I have yet to try any real free motion quilting. I am a bit intimidated, but I think in small doses it could happen. Thanks for the inspiration to do a little more creating and a bit less making.

Habit Blog

love it. and so proud of you for riding that wave! (ps. i think it belongs in your kitchen. just saying.)

Habit Blog

oy. that's me. but you know that already.


so gorgeous... I'd frame it!

Chelsea  Slaven-Davis

my favorite "pot holders" (mainly, the one my grandma crocheted for me last christmas)often end up hung on the wall above my stove, never used, but admired daily. It's beautiful, Erin. +Chelsea


I love riding the creative wave. When it feels like it's just happening.


I think this might be my first comment after following your blog for quite some time. I so enjoy it! Anyway, I love this "pot holder"! Those spur of the moment projects give me so much satisfaction. Love them!


Your pot holder is so adorable! I did the same thing and whipped out four throw pillows for the couch yesterday, without a plan, at the spur of the moment, and I couldn't be more pleased. It was so fun!


so much fun!

rachel | buttons magee

I love this Erin! You really have me thinking about making a little sewing area for myself again, after giving my studio up for a family room. A little room for creativity might be just what I need right now. xo, rach


Just amazing - love it, love it.
Happy week

heather smith jones

It is so important and necessary for adults to give themselves permission to "indulge" in creative play like you did. It's good for the brain and heart, don't you think? :)


your nest is amazing. i'm not sure how you created it, but its a wow! i've been looking for small quilt ideas for my front door, "bless this nest" could be a great theme for spring. i know, i know weather stinks right now but the birds know spring is just around the corner. :>)


I love how the colors came together and it is adorable. Even when "creating" it's important to be spontaneous too.

Melissa Crowe

Ooh--I love that feeling! The other day I realized I was truly hungry for the first time in a long time--I was about to make squash soup, and I had just roasted the squash and was getting ready to put it in the vitamix. I smelled that lovely squash and quite literally could not stop myself from eating some of it. What a wonderful feeling that was! It's just like that when out of nowhere I know I absolutely MUST make something, and your post shows just why we should never say no to that urge. I LOVE your art piece/pot holder. It's truly lovely and has that delicious improvisational quality that eludes me--I'm all neat angles and perfect shapes, which can be depressing. Here's to letting go!


Love it! The colours are great, love the light blue with the red, and the little nest is wonderful.


I love every single thing about it--the ticking is perfect too. And to think you made it spontaneously! But maybe that's the real beauty of it ~ !


That is adorable! I love the birds nest and was wondering .....what is a "gocco?" I really must learn to let go some too, I think it would be so freeing to get out of the box!


Love the nest :)


Perfectly lovely!


This is very cute. And I love your goal - I need to do that too! Sometimes I start to feel stressed out because I seem to put too much pressure on making sure I chose the right fabrics or the right pattern, etc.

I'm not a quilter, but that is so very cute! I love how you combined different types of fabric and quilting.

Rachel at Stitched in Color

Oh, Erin - that is so special! Thank-you for the much-needed reminder of the value of playing with fabric without a plan. Your results here were well worth riding the wave!!!


ERIN!! I love love LOVE this. Every little bit of it.


I LOVE it!! So much fun to see you play.


i love that idea, of riding the creative wave when it comes, and enjoying the freedom to just create.
and this is fantastic. i love the free-motion quilting so much. i have yet to try that- i've been too nervous- and seeing this inspires me to just pick up some scraps and play.


That is so adorable!


This is really sweet. I'm excited to see the finished auction projects!

Cindy Bandemer

Like everyone else, I LOVE THIS! So cute and spontaneous. Do more!


what a wonderful feeling! so happy that you paused and gave in to your desire to make for making's sake. it's beyond perfect and filled with so many pieces of you - awesome!


I love it. It's adorable.

Indiana Lori

Me too...I'm trying to just sit and play more too. I love the result...that combination really works! The nest is such a great focal point. Looking forward to seeing the quilts.


What a wonderful start. It's beautiful.


wow, so pretty. I love that. Glad to see you give yourself a project just for you. Great job!


That's a lovely piece of art I would a happily hang in my home. Keep up the explorations!


and what a creative wave you are on! i love the free motion! so very sweet!


love this!

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