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I am starting my first quilt today! (well, first quilt since the log cabin in a day I made when I was 14 - ya, 16 years ago!). Then I am sewing suede bottoms onto 2 pairs of slippers I knit for my kids. The end of the week I am doing a knitting marathon - that's 26.2 hours of knitting - on the 17 and 18th - with a group of fellow bloggers! Gonna be a fun week! First, thouh, I have to call my repair man, and find out when our washer will be fixed...

Enjoy your week! Can't wait to see the finished quilts!


I have some serious sewing to do too, a project for a friend, and a couple of models for the Fabric Store.
Also, I think a walk is in the cards today, since we'll see 40 degrees!

Jo @ a life in lists

Sounds like a good start to the week! I'm trying to settle my toddler into nursery (stressful) and trying to finish all the hand making I want to get done before baby number two arrives in a couple of weeks (not stressful, but busy). I have delegated the gardening for the year to my boyfriend!


What a nice way to spend the weekend. I would imagine you can home refreshed. This week consists of a visit from my MIL, sewing, knitting, garden planning and just plain dreaming. Enjoy yours, Erin

Account Deleted

That sounds so fun! I am going to be painting the basement this week. Its the last thing I want to do, but I'm just going to plow through.


Ditto on the first part - ease, exercise, groceries - but add Clean House, Work on SIBC books, and Get Back to Crafty after Cold to that list. Have a great week!


If only it was really possible to sew you ass off!
Then I could skip the exercise part (yea) and just sew more (yea, yea)


YES to everything but starting the garden...we have 2 1/2 MONTHS to go here in western New York before we can do that...!!!! It hasn't stopped us from enjoying the gardening catalogs and yearning for the REAL arrival of Spring, however! The Canadian geese are flying back home and the robins are dropping in, but ...we have a LONG way to go.......:)

Melbourne Road

I have course-work to finish up for the last week of the 16 year old tests at the local high school 3 days, soccer practice mid-week, work in there somewhere the snippets here and there I will be drawing out plans for my garden including where everything goes.
The garden is becoming a project for some of us in our Bachelor Degree as a community garden. We are so excited to be able to get credit for it AND to give to the local shelter. PLUS there will be more than enough for my family too. bonuses all around.
So for now a busy week, but planning in the midst of it.

PS...reality here is my sewing machine table is covered with odds and ends...shows how much I have been able to sew lately. :o(
doesnt stop the ideas from circulating in the head though ;o)

Melbourne Road

krista - Poppyprint

I wish I could sew my ass off - that would mean less time required doing exercise! Have a great week. My kids are on spring break. 4 days at home, then off to Orlando, which I am really looking forward to b/c the forecast for the next 4 days is rain, rain, rain. Typical March in Vancouver!


Quilting, binding, outside, garden, and enjoy the weather!


i am here, laughing about "sewing your ass off." thanks for the smile. still in awe that one little girl will have two single girl quilts in her room!


Enjoy your week - Im home with spotty children (chicken pox!) which means i will probably get heaps of sewing done !

Indiana Lori

Staff Appreciation 1 month countdown. I'd like to make the girls' teachers themed pillows as I did last year, but as the Chair, I just don't know if I'll have time.


I'm making a photo album of my son's first year of life. He's only 8 1/2 years old now. It's about time, eh? Have fun easing into your week!


hate to disappoint, but you cannot sew your ass off. happy to hear you had the girlfriend weekend, that's always good for the soul. hope you post garden progress, i need inspiration there also. i'm trying to get 3 quilt tops completed and ready for quilting, BEFORE spring really gets here. basketball games to watch (go cards!) green beer to drink, and wait for the garden to dry out.


gardening is really on my mind this week and next. first time doing a raised bed this year and the sun is going to show itself for several days with near 70 plus temps this week!!!!


hope you are having a productive and relaxing week! xx


Beautiful composition. I'm getting ready for a birthday party - my baby is turning 12 this weekend. Have a wonderful, productive and restful week!

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