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I made a decision

Single girl back

I was leaning towards the solid, if you wondered. I told Fatty that I put it up on the blog because most of the time, through the comments your thoughts get me thinking about situations in ways I haven't before. And whether or not I come up with the same end result as the majority, I feel like I consider all angles when I listen to other opinions. So thank you. You help more than you realize.

As it turns out, you all convinced me to give the print a try. And, as suggested, I asked Kate her preference. Of course, I knew she'd want the print, too. But, I wasn't sold until I sat down to piece it. The lightbulb went off and I now have one quilt back, with a second almost finished.

It's sandwich time, folks.



I like how that print *almost* echoes the print on your blog background. Looks good, erin!

Vintage Chica

Yes! It will look wonderful. That seems to happen to me too. Once I get into it I can see things a bit clearer. Either it is working or it doesn't and I rip it out.

rachel | buttons magee

It looks great erin! can't wait to see it completed.


you definitely made the right choice! xo


I agree with your choice. On to a sandwich and quilting! How exciting.


so pretty


now I'm hungry.


I'm in love with your new banner. STRIKING picture. And good choice on the print for the quilt backs. = )


Good choice :)


I think it was the right one.


Hurray for a decision!


really pretty. love the simple patchwork.


I love that tile print. I only made it through one ring...truly single I guess.


decision made and you're off! looks great.


I can't wait to see it all. It looks really good from the photo.

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