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Lilacs! I can't wait until my lilacs start to bloom. I just got 2 free bushes from the neighbors and I hope they'll survive the transplant.


I agree with Jess I can't wait to smell the lilacs ! Great pictures!

Natalie VV

Such lovely greens! I feel refreshed.
But tell me please, what does it mean when a house is "all sixes and sevens?" This is one I have never heard.


What gorgeous greens! I'm craving spring colors around here.


Just noticed our lilacs are about to bloom! Can't wait! The peas remind me it's about time to plant those around here...so much work to be done!


Such great pictures! It looks like spring. Although for me, it's coming into fall.


I am sad that it is 35 degrees right now and mostly brown here. :(


My peonies haven't even come up yet, much less showing buds!


I planted some lilac rootstocks the year we moved into this house (2008) - and I think this might be the year we FINALLY get blooms!


my favorite color :)
so pretty, erin

Sarah Jackson

The lilacs!!! They won't bloom here for another couple of weeks. Everything looks so great - you look about 2-3 weeks ahead of me on stuff.

And you just reminded me that I seriously need to updated my blog banner. Maybe I'll do that today.


Wishing you peace and that you keep your wits about you during the floor process.

Alicia A.

I got some green shoes today at a sample sale and thought of you! xo.

krista - Poppyprint

Get your slippery socks all ready for some Risky Business on those new floors!

Lisa Clarke

Is that the start of a peony already? Mine are nowhere near there yet. (I hope mine are still alive after this winter...) So nice to see so much green finally!

Denice (inkstitch)

It snowed a bit here yesterday, and we're worried about the apricot blossoms... all this green is very encouraging!


One of my favorite spring sights is the unfurling of the fern fronds.....


Oh what a nice site...we've had very late season snow in the midwest and I'm starting to wonder if summer will ever come.

mary ellen

you need little tiny life preservers on your peas. getting ready to rain again!!
happy spring! :>)




love me some green :)

Melbourne Road

I have the peonies, but not sun....oh for the sun!
Thanks for sharing some :o)


You have sprouts already! sigh...soon, still a bit to cool here.


Beautiful photos! I'm so jealous of your lilacs - the true essence of spring! And I love, "...our house is all sixes and sevens"!!!

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