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KCWC - day 3

KCWC - days 1 and 2 - nightgowns



I never got around to the Kids Clothing Week Challenge yesterday. I spent a lot more time dealing with the family room bookcases and didn't even finish those. I went to bed exhausted, but with a plan. I'd make up for day 1 by doubling my sewing effort on day 2. Check and check.

The nightgowns are exactly like the ones I made earlier this spring with the exception of the ruffled hem. I decided to skip that on this round. Please ignore the rumply look happening in the photo above. I was too lazy to find a place to hang them where there is decent light and, more obviously, couldn't be bothered with laying them out properly.  Anyhow, this time Kate is getting the dot and Jane is getting the floral. I started cutting at about 10:30 this morning and finished both of them by 12:20. Quick and relatively painless - I did have to recut my binding strips for the green one and mess around with the serger a little. Without those setbacks, I could have finished these in about 1.25 hours.

Nightgowns 2

I still have to finish the bookcases and then check another item off of my other list - clean out the car, maybe?  I would love to squeeze in some more sewing later today as I have a good idea for a skirt for Jane. I'd better get chopping.


Sarah Jackson

Love them! I'm going for simple today. Raglan sleeved dresses and maybe a simple skirt. Yesterday was a bust.


Guys, I haven't even started anything. I didn't plan in advance. No forethought here!


they are so sweet. :) my girls would love them, but I'm sure they'd wear them all day. Are the binding strips similar to double fold bias tape? For whatever reason I've never sewn binding onto knits - YET!


those look so cute and comfy! i love the little bows, that's a perfect touch.


Erin, following your nightgown plan, do you think it would be worth it to make tanks for an adult for under other street clothes? I am long waisted and all the ones I do find scoop too low at the neckline. I keep buying tanks that I think will work and they might for 5 minutes or until I wash them. Any ideas?

Mama Urchin

The nightgowns I have underway are not quite finished. I am being distracted by coordinating shirts for Independence Day though.

Account Deleted

Emma needs some of these, and I need that energy from your day 2.

Lisa Clarke

Nice! I dropped the ball on this week, entirely. I'd put my sewing machine (and related fabric mess) away for Eamonn's First Communion party, and decided that I kind of like how neat and clean my dining room looks without all the crafty clutter ;-)

Erin | house on hill road

Hi Suzanne, I've sewn one tank for myself and it wasn't my greatest success. I think it could be done if you are willing to make a few mistakes in order to get the right fit. The book, Sew U Stretch, is a great resource.

Erin | house on hill road

Hi Anna - the binding is more like single fold bias tape. You sew it to the front of the knit with raw edges and right sides aligned then flip it over to the back. The other raw edge is not folded under, but left as it is (knits don't ravel like wovens). Also, no need to cut the binding strips on the bias as the knits have enough stretch in them anyhow. Hope that helps! Erin


thanks erin, that's pretty much what I was thinking. :)

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