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My Sorbetto Top - a muslin

Sorbetto 2

I stumbled across the Sorbetto Top over on Grosgrain and wanted it to make it right away. It's a freebie by Colette Patterns so I figured it was worth a try. I pulled this blue and green print out of the stash. I've had this piece of fabric for a number of years, but hadn't done anything with it. It was something like $2.00 a yard making it perfect for a muslin.  And as much as I would rather skip this step, I know I have to make the muslin. So I did.

The pattern is a pdf download (25 pages - you have been forewarned!) that you cut out and tape together.  Trust me on this: trace your pattern from the taped together one. This will allow you to trace another size if you need to without having to tape those pages together again. I'm so glad I did this because, as suspected, I will be making changes for fit. I went with the size 10 which seems to be the right size for me overall. The darts are too high and I need to add about 4" to the length, but otherwise it fits.  I think it would be more flattering on me if the neck line were a bit lower and more scooped. That should be easy enough to change, too.


The top came together super easily and really fast. The directions are very well written and I love the way the bias tape is applied and joined. I'll be using that trick again! I did use pre-made bias tape because I had it right there, but I think I will make my own bias tape on the next one. The pre-made I had on hand is too wide at 1/2" folded. 1/4" folded would be much better.

If I play my cards right, I might get another muslin finished this weekend. Gotta love a three day holiday! Hope you are enjoying yours.


Sarah Jackson

I'm glad to see one already made! It looks great. I have that on my list for tomorrow. I too, will be making a muslin. Or 3.

melissa f.

hey hey, dressform!!

heather smith jones

I was hoping to see Jane holding the one arm up to the dressform. (:


I really like it. I just found that pattern a few days ago and it's on my list. Not sure if it's actually going to happen. Clothes intimidate me!


I found that pattern a couple of days ago too and have been itching to start it (the 25 page printout was holding me back). So glad to see yours and it is as cute as the ones on the Colette page. Those colors will look so great on you.
Thanks for sharing this - oh, and even though I am days late - happy birthday wishes to you, Erin!!


Your muslin is adorable.


Love it! Good to hear your opinion of the pattern. I think a lower neckline would work better for me too. Now to print out all those pages!


You are a very good seamstress! I like the bias that wide but can also see why it would work at 1/4".



top looks great, erin! you are one determined woman if you printed out that pattern (25 pages, phew).
now let's hear about that dressform...


it's adorable. Useful AND cute - perfect summer combination


so cute...and of course, green! :)

Mama Urchin

I always think it's good to make a muslin from a fabric that is cute enough if it turns out, cheap enough if it doesn't. That fabric certainly fits the bill.


dressform envy! And I think you are kind of a superhero for making a muslin.


Thanks for the link!


I must confess, I have never made a muslin. Instead, I have taught my daughters to pin. Lots of patterns also have lines at which you can alter the pattern before you sew, and you can also pin the actual pattern to your body and mark where you sew. There are lots of ways to avoid making muslins, and housework too.

I just made one too. I have a sheer pink that i am using. I think it could be a bit longer too. I am also going to make the madeline bloomers to give to a friend for her birthday to wear as jammies. Hope she likes them!

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