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White Peach Ice Pops

Faced with an abundance of white peaches and little time to can them, I decided to make some ice pops. They turned out really well and were simple to make. I've made multiple batches this week and they are a hit with everyone in the house. I thought I'd share my recipe in case you have the desire to make some, too. Of course, your peaches don't need to be white. Regular ones will be just as delicious! Nectarines would make lovely ice pops, too. (The popsicle mold pictured below is this one by Norpro. I also have the Zoku popsicle maker and love using that, too.)

Peach 5
White Peach Ice Pops - makes about 10 pops

6 to 8 medium white peaches

1/4 to 1/3 c sugar (this is to taste)

Peel peaches by placing them in boiling water for one minute and then transfering them to an ice water bath immediately. After a few minutes in the ice water, the skin should slip right off. Chop the peeled peaches and place them and any juice in the jar of your blender until it is almost full. Pour the sugar on top and blend it all until smooth. You can strain the mixture by pouring and pressing the liquid through a fine mesh sieve, but it's not necessary. Pour the liquid into popsicle molds. Place in the freezer for one hour and then add the sticks. Continue freezing for another 4 hours or overnight. Remove the popsicles from the molds by running them under cold water until they release.

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Have a safe and fun holiday weekend!



These look excellent, Erin! I'm going to try them! (We do similar ones with watermelon, but I've never tried it with peaches.)

heather smith jones

Delicious, and so simple! They would be so refreshing on a scorcher like today. Have a great weekend Erin!


Oh yum.


A great treat!

marye peterson

that's so 4th of Julyish too!!!

Lasso the Moon

This is great! Thanks for the recipe. We have been juicing fruit and veg, blending them with ice and yogurt, and freezing them into pops, too! Yum.


Wow! I'm adding you to my blog list because your About page is absolutely brilliant! And these pops look good too. ; )


These are absolutely yummy! I love all these summer fruits so many possibilities with smoothies, shakes and popcicles Thanks for the links I have had the worst time finding molds.

Laura Lane

I've read everything on your front page tonight. You've inspired me to get busy and make something!

God bless you!

Laura of Harvest Lane
...just outside Joplin MO


Yum! These look amazing.


now all I need is a glass of cold tea!


i am SO making these the moment i get home.
well, maybe not the moment. cause it will be late.
but the next FREE moment.


Hey there Erin,

I will definitely try these - peaches are one of my favorites! These look delish. Have you tried the recipe at Smitten Kitchen for fudge pops? They are swell.


Erin, a girlfriend and I were just sharing ZOKU recipes this morning! I just sent her this link! These look AMAZING!


Mmm, looks good! I bought the norpro mold too... the summer before you could find popsicle molds everywhere. Now they even have them in the dollar spot at Target.


I added mint and they turned out better than my favorite brand.

mama-pan | mary frances

yum yum--we did this with the last of the frozen white peaches from LAST summer. Added some raspberry puree and a little half+half. so good.

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